Why Your Trade Business Needs a Professional Logo

When you’re considering whether your trade business needs a brand new logo, what springs to mind? A lightning bolt? A tap? Bold lettering? These are all common qualities of a trade business logo; and whilst it does the job, how does it make you stand out from your competition?

Quality branding is vital for a successful business; whether you’re a plumber, electrician, painter and decorator or even a bookshop owner. What we’re trying to say is, regardless of the business, making sure that your brand shines above competition and is memorable is important. On top of this, trade businesses are in a competitive industry so the following branding points below are definitely worth considering!


Establishing Trust Through Professionalism

It’s all fair and well offering the best services to customers, but your business logo speaks before you do. What we mean is, potential customers, especially online, are more likely to see your logo before seeing you or speaking with you about your services. With this in mind, your logo should be of high quality to present and showcase great professionalism – Allowing potential customers to establish trust and recognise this is very important.

Shining Above Your Competition

Undoubtedly your competition will have a logo for their business; and as previously mentioned, there’s common traits of business logos for different trades. Standing out from your competition whether your a plumber, electrician or any other trade isn’t easy. To do so, you should consider how rememberable your logo is; what different colours, shapes, fonts and other aspects you could use. Building a competitive edge through a unique and creative logo can help to make your business stand out massively. Your business logo is essentially the first impression made by your company – and as already stated, it speaks before you do.

A Versatile Logo for All Uses

In many cases, logos are versatile and you should consider the look in different executions of the brand. For instance, if your logo only excels in one format, it could create problems in the future for different uses of the logo. Simply put, you must consider how your logo will appear on uniform, vehicles, and your website. If you business has more than one employee and its own uniform, you should ensure the colours associated with your logo can be integrated into a uniform. As for vehicles, it could be that your logo doesn’t stand out for your van or truck. Finally, your website should showcase similar colours and styles of your logo – So to closely represent your brand.

Hiring a Professional  

There’s many reasons to consider redesigning your company logo and the investment in doing so can result in building trust, establishing loyalty, improving recognition and much more! Whether your business has a logo or not, Expert Trades can help. We have helped over 150 trades business create logos for their business. If you’d like to find out how Expert Trades can help you and your business, take a look at our logo design service.

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