December 9, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

This is a quick Friday blast.

I’m in California and my body is still on East Coast time. I’ve been up for nearly an hour and a half and it’s just 5:25 am here as I type this.

Yesterday, my youngest daughter Kelly and I went on an exciting canopy tour through giant redwood trees at the Mt. Hermon Adventure center very close to Santa Cruz, CA.

There are six zip lines that are part of the adventure. It was raining, cool and we were the only people out on the course. Our guides, Josh and April, were amazing and kept us safe the entire time.

Wait until you see me hang out over the edge of one of the platforms that are well over 100 feet in the air and I let go of the lanyards that are attached to the steel cable. GULP!

I HIGHLY recommend going here if you’re within easy striking distance of Santa Cruz, CA. I’ll have a FULL STORY for you when I get back to New Hampshire and can upload the Go Pro video we shot of the thrilling time up in the canopy!

Best Romance Novel EVER

Every Christmas I try to tell you about the best romance novel I’m aware of. It’s perfect for small kids as it teaches them all about loyalty and love.

Do you have grandchildren? Do you have your own young kids?

Are you looking for a delightful Christmas gift idea for a young child?

Then get her or him the book I still have. My mom got this for me years ago, and everything in the book is relevant to what’s going on in today’s throw-away world!

What is this magical book?

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

The illustrations in this book are timeless.

CLICK HERE to order a hard-bound copy that will delight that young urchin for many years.

Electric Heat

I’m about to write a column on heating with electricity. This time of year, I get lots of questions about it.

First, using electricity at your home to create heat is 100 percent efficient – meaning all the electricity passing into the heater gets converted to heat. Nothing disappears up a chimney.

If your electric rates are high, it’s costly.

If you are by yourself and you just want to be warm and you don’t really care about the air temperature in a room, then a radiant electric heater is best.

But realize they can cause fires as the heating element gets quite hot.

I’ll have more about this soon when I get back to New Hampshire.

Do you NEED a heating contractor to give you a FREE bid right now to keep your house warm? CLICK the graphic ad just to the right and under my daughter Meghan’s photo above!

New Columns for You

Have you ever wondered why your house doesn’t collapse when the wind blows?

CLICK HERE do discover WHY.

Is it SAFE to drink water from a gas line that’s been converted to a water supply line?

CLICK HERE to see what I’d do. I’ve been a master plumber for over 35 years.

Okay, time to go. My oldest daughter Meghan is up and it’s time to visit with her before Kelly and I head off to the Hearst Castle this afternoon!

I’ll be back with lots of photos and other treats soon!

Tim Carter

Founder –

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IKEA KALLAX Wine Rack Insert

IKEA KALLAX Wine Rack Insert

Here’s a wine rack I made to fit in a KALLAX shelf. It might seem like it’s hard to make as it needs a laser cutter or CNC, but thanks to the wonder of makerspaces, this is very achievable in most places within the reach of IKEA.


1. Google the word “makerspace” and your home town, if you aren’t lucky enough to own a laser-cutter you will need help. Fortunately there are makerspaces all over the world and many of them have laser cutters that they will be happy to help you use.

2. Obtain 6mm laser safe plywood. If you are more adventurous you can use other thicknesses by modifying the OpenSCAD source file.

3. Get the parts cut on a laser cutter, the SVG and DXF files work for 6mm plywood. This is the step where the experts at the makerspace may need to help.

4. Slot the parts together, glue if desired, add wine and enjoy.

IKEA KALLAX Wine Rack Insert

IKEA KALLAX Wine Rack Insert

Download my design files on thingiverse.

~ by Bracken

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A Guide to Fitting in After Moving to Orlando

Moving to Orlando

You’ve decided that you’re moving to Orlando. You found your new home, arranged all the details, and now it’s time to get to the important stuff: making sure you fit in with the locals and don’t look like a tourist. There are lots and lots of out-of-town visitors to this

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Scottish rental prices outperform expectations

  • Scottish rents nudge upwards in October
  • Typical property in Scotland lets for £558 per month
  • Prices in Edinburgh and Lothians rise 6.1% in past year
  • Yields fall but still ahead of England and Wales average

In its latest Scottish Buy to Let Index Your Move reports that rental properties in Scotland continued to outperform expectations in October 2016 with prices rising both month-on-month and compared to the same point last year, despite uncertainty in both the UK and the wider global economy.

The typical Scottish property now rents for £558 per calendar month – 0.3% higher than in September 2016 and 0.4% higher than October 2015. Despite this tenant arrears have improved dramatically this autumn. In October 7.9% of all tenancies had arrears of a day or more which is much lower than the 12.5% figure recorded last month, reflecting the improved state of Scottish tenants’ finances. This month’s figure is also much lower than the same point in 2015, when arrears represented 13.8% of all tenancies. 

Brian Moran, Lettings Director for Your Move in Scotland commented:

“Landlords have been thrilled with the performance of Scottish rental properties in recent months, and October again showed how strong this market is. The big news too is the improvement in tenant finances, meaning that fewer landlords are facing problems with late and non payment of rent and, in terms of regional results, there has been excellent performance of the Edinburgh and Lothians region shows that London is not the only UK capital city with a booming property market.”


Source: Your Move Scotland Buy-to-Let index – October data, November report

The Best Places to Live in Orlando for Millennials

Orlando for Millennials

Everyone has their criteria for choosing a new home, and Millennials have developed their own ‘personality’ as an age group. For a Millennial moving to Orlando, it’s important to choose a neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle and desires lest you plunk down your suitcases and realize you’re surrounded by

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IVAR, all grown up

This Ikea Ivar cabinet spent some time as a plain Ivar cabinet with white paint and two knobs. It was finally time to give it a makeover and take it to the next level.

DIY Ikea Ivar cabinet makeover

Materials needed:

  • 1″ x 2″ boards
  • 2″ x 2″ boards
  • 1 x 3″ boards
  • Screen molding
  • 3/4″ plywood
  • Paint
  • Cabinet Pulls
  • Gold spray paint

I started by building the frame out of 2×2 boards and painted it gold.

IVAR Cabinet makeover

I attached the screen molding on the front to create the faux drawers and door. I also attached some boards on the sides to give the cabinet a finished look.

DIY Ikea Ivar cabinet Hack - attaching trim

I attached a top made of plywood and 1 x 3 boards.

IVAR Cabinet makeover - top

The entire piece got my favorite red paint and pretty gold knobs.

DIY Ikea Ivar cabinet Hack painted

Full step by step details of the makeover are on my blog.

I love how it turned out and it fits right in with my red color scheme in the dining and kitchen!

~ by Anika

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