A simple box turned backgammon storage box

Where do you put your games? In a box? Well, why not make that box, also a game.

Here I created a backgammon storage box from this IKEA box, the SMRASSEL. Or course, the box has room for all my other board games too.

IKEA Smarassel-box-with-lid

Photo: IKEA.com

I purchased this decal but with some vinyl and straight edges you can make your own game board.

Applying backgammon vinyl decal

Simply follow the directions on your decal. Or find a Youtube video for the game board of your choice and make your own decal. Now you are set for the next family game night. Simple.

A simple box turned backgammon storage box

Backgammon storage box IKEA hack

Keep in mind, IKEA has so many options for storage boxes that you will find the perfect color and size for your games.

Backgammon and board games storage and play box

~ by Wade

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Moving Day Etiquette: 10 Things Movers Want You to Know

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Average house prices in Scotland now stand at 175,070

In the latest Your Move/Acadata House Price Index it has been revealed that average house prices in Scotland grew by 0.6% in May – and by 3% over the year to reach 175,070.

Strong demand from first time buyers and weak supply appear to be driving activity in the market, with Glasgow also contributing significantly to the average price figure.

Christine Campbell, Your Move managing director in Scotland, said: After a surge in April, Scotland has returned to its long-term pattern of modest, but fairly steady price rises. That hides wildly different fortunes in its various areas, though, and price increases are heavily dependent on a few key areas.

With suggestions of possible reforms to LBTT rates, it will be interesting to see how this impacts the Scottish market in coming months.

To see the full index, please access the Your Move Media Centre at https://www.your-move.co.uk/house-price-index/may-2017-scotland/overview

Modern TV Stand from KALLAX + FROSTA

I made a modern TV stand combining the KALLAX shelving unit with legs from the FROSTA stool.

Modern TV stand hacked from KALLAX and FROSTA

IKEA items used:

  • 1 KALLAX 1 x 3 unit (42 x 111cm)
  • 1 FROSTA (legs)
  • 2 KALLAX doors
  • 1/2 Kallax drawer

Modern TV stand IKEA hack with KALLAX and FROSTA

Photo: IKEA.com

Other items / equipment used:

  • 1 plywood board birch 38 x 103,8 x 0,6cm
  • 1 plywood board birch 38 x 33,6 x 0,6cm (maybe painted in white)
  • wood glue
  • short screws (4x25mm),
  • 4mm wood drill, cordless drill and a table saw with fence

Total costs: circa 100.

Modern TV Stand from KALLAX + FROSTA

Saw the FROSTA legs at a length of 18cm.

Glue and screw the wide plywood board at the bottom of the KALLAX shelving unit.

Adjust FROSTA legs at the bottom (like at a 60 angle).

Drill 4mm holes into the plywood board and KALLAX bottom at the hole positions of the feet.

Screw the truncated FROSTA legs with supplied screws.

Put the KALLAX on the FROSTA legs.

Mount the two KALLAX doors and the half KALLAX drawer (one drawer, saw through the drawer mount at half height).

Slope the drawer in the fence and lay the smaller board on the drawer beam.

~ by Falko Holzfrster

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