Hackers Help: Can you add casters to METOD kitchen units?

My partner and I are building an adobe house and we need to limit the weight placed on the kitchen walls. So one solution we are looking at is to create a kitchen on casters. An awesome design firm created a one off project that shows what we are thinking of.


Photo: Studiorygalik

My question is this do you think this could be done by hacking METOD base units? Anyone got an experience of something similar? Thanks in advance.



I don’t see why not. Fix an additional piece of solid wood, cut to sizeto the base of the METOD to strengthen itand give the screws a little bit more to bit into.

~ Jules

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Expert Website Package: May 2017 Updates

As you may already know, we’re always trying to improve upon the websites we build for our members. With that being said, we’re veryexcited to announce that the latest updates for the website package have now been released! Let’s go over what’s included in this round of updates:

1) Offers & Promotions Page

While we realise that the Offers page isn’t for everyone, we think it’s a really exciting tool for our members to use when they’re looking to run a new promotion.

Essentially, this new tool gives you the ability to create offers and promotions on a brand new page, which you have complete control of from the Expert Trades dashboard.

You’ll have the ability to schedule when an offer should start and should end. When it’s time for the offer to start, it will automatically show up on the website and when it’s time to end, it will automatically be taken off, so you won’t have any more work to do! Alternatively, you can just choose to have the offer featured on the website until you decide to remove it yourself.

There will soon be a how-to video explaining all of the ins and outs of the Offers page feature, but if you have any questions in the mean time, check out the Facebook Group or get in touch with Matthew on 0121 515 5984 or matthewf@experttrades.com.

2) Phone number in the top bar

Display your phone numbers at the top of your website using the two-line menu theme

We’ve had a lot of feedback from our members about making contact information as visible and prominently displayed as possible, but without being over the top or intrusive. That’s why we’ve released this new feature which allows you to display your phone number(s) at the top of your website. To get this for your website, just make sure that you have the two-line theme selected. To do this, go to ‘Global Settings’, scroll down to ‘Select Navigation Bar Style’ and then choose either the light or dark theme with ‘logo on top and menu below’.

3) Styling improvements

We’ve made some minor styling improvements to the websites as well as part of this round of website updates. You might not notice them straight away, but we believe these will help improve the look and feel of the websites.

One minor tweak we’ve done is add a drop-shadow to the buttons on the website. This is a really subtle way of helping to make the buttons on the websites stand out to visitors without being annoying or intrusive. So as a potential customer goes through the website, they’ll be guided in the right direction.

We’ve also replaced some of the icons with better quality, smaller size icons. Again, not something you’ll notice straight away, but it will help improve the sharplooks of the website as well as reduce loading times. A win win scenario in our books.

4) Links to external reviews source

Display the source of your reviews and allow visitors to follow the link to that source

Some of youwere giving us feedback that you would like to be able to link to an external source on your reviews. So say for example, you had reviews that had been originally collected from Google, you’d like to be able to link to that source. This is a great way to build trust with your customers and to show them that the reviews on your site are genuine.

To add this to your reviews, click ‘Edit’ on an external review, and you’ll be able to add the name of the source as well as the link to where you’ll be able to find that review.

5) Other improvements

  • Websites now more resilient on mobile devices
    • We noticed with some websites, if a particularly large image or video was uploaded, it would affect the mobile friendliness of the site. Now, it doesn’t matter the size of an image, it won’t stretch the page and affect how the site looks on mobiles any more.
  • Character count on SEO titles & descriptions
    • For our more advanced users who are setting their own SEO titles and descriptions, we’ve made sure you won’t accidentally go over the optimal amount of characters (60 for a title and 160 for description).

If you have any questions about the above updates, would like with implementing anything mentioned above or just have ideas for future updates, please get in touch! Just give Matthew a call on 0121 515 5984 or send him an email to matthewf@experttrades.com.

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Accessing a tenanted property what are your rights as a Landlord?

A common query for any landlord is their right to accesstheir property once it has been let especially as you are legally obliged to maintain the buildings and provide a decent standard of accommodation. The tenant has the right to live there free from ‘excessive demands’ for access, so respecting their privacy and trying to accommodate their schedule will help keep things amicable and legal.

This brief overview aims to clarify your landlord rights.

Give 24-hours’ notice

  • Any visit to a tenanted property requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, in writing, under the Housing Act 1988.
  • The Act also states that any visits must take place at ‘reasonable’ times of day so the tenant can be present or arrange for a third party to be there, if they wish.
  • Notice can be in the form of a letter or email, but not SMS text. Backing up a letter with an email is also good practice.
  • Routine checks also require written notice, even when scheduled within a tenancy agreement.
  • Exceptions to this are where a contract clause exists for the landlord to provide a room-cleaning service or, in the event of an emergency, you can access the property to carry out repairs immediately.

What if the tenant prevents access?

  • Try to rearrange the appointment, if, after the required 24 hours’ written notice, the tenant objects or says the proposed time is not convenient.
  • If they still refuse access, cancel the visit, but to write to them indicating the possible implications, such as liability being placed on them for any repairs that you are unable to carry out as a result.

What about access at the end of the tenancy?

  • Property inspections and viewings by prospective new tenants may be conducted after notice has been served by either party only within the last 28 days of the agreement and still with the minimum 24 hours’ prior written notice.

A final consideration

Once your tenant is in place and you have established a relationship, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can become more informal. Always follow the legislation to prevent any misunderstandings with your tenant and potential liability for prosecution.

If you have any doubts about your rights please seek the advice of a lettings professional. Contact your local Your Move branch. As a founder member of the Property Ombudsman and voluntary member of the Association of Residential Lettings we have the latest regulatory information at our fingertips.

Blue Review #6

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What Is ‘The Blue Review’

Members of Expert Trades will get sent a link to a blog post that will give a short overview of what is new within the Expert Trades community. We aim to keep this short and useful. Let’s get into it.


  • The Expert Trades leaderboard is live.Take part in the Expert Trades community, earn points, get the founder as a lacky for the day and enjoy life. The Expert Trades leaderboard is here to thank and reward members of Expert Trades for helping us build the best (well we like to think so) community of trades in the UK.


Verified by Expert Trades

  • Verified by Expert Trades is due to go live in April.

Office Package

  • Expert Trades Office App turned 1 Year Old.The app has been around for longer than a year but the paid plan with all the features you have grown to love recently had it’s first birthday.
  • Do’t have the app yet? You can download it and try it for free using the links below:

Website Package

  • Hi guys, Fordy here. This week, I got the opportunity to meet some of our members and website customers while visiting the Monument Tools factory for a couple of days. Not only was this a great chance to meet some of the guys I’ve talked to on the phone previously, but to get some good feedback for moving things forward. With one thing that came up, we’ve made the decision to test a new feature using 3 of our customers’ websites that will help with marketing. It will be interesting to see how useful and valuable this new feature proves to be.
  • You’re also now able to leave a review for the Expert Trades Website Package through the app on Tool Talk. To leave us a review, first make sure you are on a mobile device and have the Expert Trades app installed, and then click here.Alternatively, you can always find us in Tool Talk by browsing by brand.

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Congratulations Antonyfrom Gas-Tecfor winning review of the week.

Every week, as a thank you to those members leaving reviews in Tool Talk in the Expert Trades app, we pick a review of the week. The winner gets sent a free t-shirt.

See the review here:https://tooltalk.experttrades.com/expert-trades

Website Teardown

Our goal is to help members get the most out of their website even if they don’t get it from us. Every week we will include a new website teardown video so you can see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting the most out of your website.

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May 23, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Last Thursday my youngest daughter Kelly helped me finish installing the dock here at the lake. It lifts up and down like a castle drawbridge that crosses a moat.

You have to lift the dock out of the water in the fall so the lake ice doesn’t destroy it. Cedar wood panels that create the walking surface need to be lifted out, carried up some steps and set on a patio for the winter. You reverse this process in the spring.

It was a HOT day, with the temperature pushing 92 F. Just five days earlier, on Mothers Day, it was 36 F and raining.

You gotta love New Hampshire WX! Today and tomorrow are going to be perfect diamond days with temperatures at 72 F and sunny skies.

My oldest daughter Meghan, just to the right – see her photo?, coined the phrase diamond day. When the sunlight reflects off the small waves in the lake, they look like thousands of twinkling diamonds.

My Trex Transcend Deck

Last summer was consumed with me rebuilding two massive decks and constructing a new giant deck that’s slightly lower than my upper deck. Here’s a photo I shot in the fall.

Today after sending out this newsletter to you, I’ll be starting to finish the project. Cold WX set in and I couldn’t finish the deck.

I have to build a very cool set of platforms and built-in bench between the two decks you see in the photo above.

I’ll be shooting lots of photos of this aspect of the project as it might create some inspiration for you. I’m a huge fan of multi-level decks for a number of reasons.

In my case, I wanted the new deck to be lower so when you sit on the upper deck in the chairs with the yellow cushions you get an unobstructed view of the lake.

CLICK HERE to see how to best clean a wood or composite deck. You know I’m always trying to look out for you!

High-Quality LED Flashlight – LOW Price!

I published a review yesterday of a new Coast LED flashlight I had the chance to try out.

This is a very cool one because it’s got a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as well as a conventional alkaline battery pack.

Do you need a laugh? Most people need more humor in their lives.

I BEG you to CLICK HERE and read the expanded captions under each photo in the review. By the time you get to the last photo, I’ll bet I’ve put a grin on your face.

If not, I want you to email me and let me know.

Prevent a FIRE at Your House

There are over 100 electrical fires per week in the USA. Many of these fires can be prevented by you. People DIE in these fires.

To prevent many of these sinister fires, all you have to do is install a few special AFFORDABLE circuit breakers in your electrical panel.

Here’s what one of them looks like:

These special circuit breakers can SENSE a SHORT CIRCUIT and arcing in a switch or outlet BEFORE it turns into a fire.

My friend Steve should have had these breakers in his home. If he had, he would have prevented the fire he had but CAUGHT IN TIME before it did lots of damage.

He and his wife might have died had this fire broke out when they were asleep. Thank God they were in the house and near the switch that melted.

CLICK HERE to see what happened to Steve’s dimmer switch.

CLICK HERE to read more about circuit breakers and this special arc-fault breaker that will protect you and your family!!!

How would you like to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local electricians who can come over and install these breakers in your home in just MINUTES?

Yes, it takes about two minutes to remove an existing circuit breaker and install this new arc-fault breaker.

I’m serious. You can get FREE BIDS – no obligation at all.

CLICK HERE to get the Free Bids that could save your life.

Roofing Ripoff Book Update

Today I’m supposed to get my proof of the PRINTED paperback Roofing Ripoff book.

If the printing process recreated in atoms what I saw in the digital PROOF, and I feel it will happen, then I click a button at Amazon Create Space and the book is instantly available for purchase by you.

You’re in for a treat because my book designer, Ms. Sheridan Stancliff, took a suggestion I offered up and made it so much better.

It’s at the bottom of just about each page of the book. I’ve never seen this done before, and I have to tell you in color it’s stunning.

I’ll send out a SPECIAL announcement to let you know if you can finally purchase a paperback version of the book.

You can get a PDF or Kindle version NOW if you want.

CLICK HERE to get a digital copy RIGHT NOW.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – Pay Attention!!!

Here’s the big announcement about the book you need to know about.

If the statistics I uncovered while researching the book are accurate, you may be one of the eight out of TEN subscribers to this newsletter that have an asphalt shingle roof.

Or maybe one is on the light commercial building you work in or own.

Are you one of the 8 in 10?

If so, you don’t necessarily have to read the book but you DO NEED something up on top of your roof I’m now selling.

I’ll share what you need when I tell you the paperback is available.

Watch for that imminent announcement.

Suffice it to say that each day you wait to install what I’m selling you’re one day CLOSER to WASTING THOUSANDS of dollars.

Yes, your inaction is going to cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.

CLICK HERE if you want to get an idea of what Roofing Ripoff is all about and to download the first three chapter for FREE.

That’s enough for today. I need to get outdoors on the deck.

Tim Carter

Founder – http://www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

4 Ways to Create a Child-Friendly Home Office

Child-Friendly Home Office

In the era of Everything Is Online, more and more parents are benefitting from the ability to work from home. The schedule is more flexible, you can get things done at odd hours, but how do you create an office space that is both an effective workspace and kid-friendly? There

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