Stop Woodpecker From Pecking House

I had a “Stop Woodpecker” sign up on my roof fascia board, but it didn’t do any good.

As a matter of fact I installed aluminum sheet metal thinking he’d go away.

White Hot Woodpecker Victory!

I had success once I started thinking what made my eyes water.

Was there a way to make the wood distasteful so the woodpecker would leave?

Hot sauce! Of course, why didn’t I think of it before?

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Stop Woodpecker and Grab Some Water!

I think birds hate hot sauce. The most compelling evidence lies in my experiments.

A few days ago I tried standard tobasco sauce. It contains aged red peppers and vinegar.

It worked for a day, but then the invader bird came back enlarging the hole looking for tasty insects.

stop woodpecker

Here’s where the devil woodpecker was munching on my house. See the aluminum sheet behind the bottle? You should see the size of the hole he created two weeks ago! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have the magic hot sauce I used delivered to your door.

Goya Hot Sauce Rules

This afternoon he was back. Peck peck peck. I was determined to win.

I ran downstairs and grabbed my small squirt gun and rummaged through the spice cabinet.

stop woodpecker

Want to stop a woodpecker? Use this weapon to deploy a film of white-hot hot sauce on the wood! CLICK THE GUNS NOW to have these delivered to your home!

Boom! There it was. Goya Hot Sauce.

I twisted open the cap and the fumes about killed me.

stop woodpecker

This is the ticket. Want to stop woodpeckers at your home? Spray this on your wood. CLICK THE SAUCE BOTTLES NOW TO HAVE THIS MAGIC NECTAR delivered to your home!

I made a 50/50 mixture (half hot sauce and half water) and went outdoors.

The miscreant bird saw me coming and flew off. I then soaked all the wood with the hot sauce solution.

It’s been hours and he’s not returned. In the past it only took him a few minutes to come back to continue his mission of destruction on my home.

Periodic Spraying

I intend to spray the wood every few days to keep the woodpecker away. It’s my hope that he’ll discover some other better food source or fly farther away.

Let me know in the comments below how Goya worked for you!


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The largest IKEA store in South East Asia opens

An IKEA store opening is always an exciting event. So when IKEA Malaysia invited me for the launch, I jumped at it, even though the new store is about a 4.5 hour drive away from where I live.

And I loved every minute of it.

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

The IKEA Tebrau store is the third IKEA store in Malaysia and the largest in South East Asia. It spans 502,815 sq. feet (46,713 sq. meters) and trust me, it’s mammoth. It took me almost 2 hours just to walk through with no short-cuts. In that time, I managed to check out a tiny portion of the 8,000 products on display, take a few photos and have a sundae at the end of it. I seriously need to explore this cavern of inspiration in my greater detail. IKEA Tebrau, you’re on my 2018 to-do list!

As in all IKEA stores, the basics are the same. The layout, the route, the IKEA Restaurant, Bistro, SMÅLAND, Food Market, self-service areas and As-is. Same, same. Just bigger.

There are lots to love about IKEA Tebrau but what stood out the most are the room sets. There are 54 room sets of varying sizes and styles. From industrial to farmhouse to eclectic to minimal. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll probably find a room set crafted to your taste. The quality of the display is definitely a notch above the other two local stores.

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

Folks, I can seriously camp here for a day. Or two. Even three.

And because it is mega huge, you get to see the full range of products. Smaller stores like IKEA Damansara may selectively display 4-6 items from, say, a 10-item range. But at IKEA Tebrau, you get to see E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Walking through the store, I noted many items I’ve seen online, but never seen in real life. Say what you will about brick-and-mortar stores, there is nothing like being able to touch and feel and size up an item. This alone is reason enough to make another trip to Johor.

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

Look at the rows and rows of rugs!


Have fun finding your items in the massive Self-Serve Area

If I’ve not shown you compelling enough reasons to visit IKEA Tebrau, perhaps these offers will entice you.

IKEA TEBRAU store opening

Getting to IKEA TEBRAU:


Jalan Desa Tebrau, Taman Desa Tebrau, 81100 Johor Bahru.

It’s a 20 minutes drive from Johor Bahru.

Free shuttle services:

From Larkin Sentral in front of Selera Johor and Kereta Api Tanah Melayu (KTMB) Muzium, beside Johor Bahru Sentral.

Grab promo:

Use promo code “IKEATEBRAU17″ to enjoy RM8 discount off for two Grab rides from 16 Nov – 31 Dec 2017.

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 10pm

Friday & Saturday, public holidays (including eves) and replacement holidays that fall on Mondays: 10am – 11pm

See you at IKEA Tebrau!


Jules yellow

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Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

IKEA items used: IKEA Hemnes 2-drawer sink cabinet in 31.5″ or 31-3/8″

I wanted a modern vanity/sink look in our bathroom and was not impressed by my options at the home improvement store or online.



The IKEA Hemnes was the right size and close to the right look, but the black round handles look like cartoon super wide-set bug eyes.

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

I found a cool modern black handle in 6.25″ wide and used the original holes for the outer edges of the pulls. Not only does it look unique, it is much easier to use the pulls since they’re closer to the center. Also, I wasn’t into any of the faucets IKEA had so I ordered a modern black one in a bar/prep sink style.

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

Steps for Hemnes black and white vanity makeover:

1. Install the vanity. You may need to cut down the PVC pipe coming out of the wall to fit the vanity.

2. On each drawer, drill a second hole (according to the length of the pull handles) towards the center of the drawer.

3. Install handles. Use a leveler to get them right.

4. Install the modern faucet. And you’re good to go.

Hemnes black and white vanity makeover

See the tutorial I shared on my blog (and more photos) here.

~ by Suzannah of Create/Enjoy

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What are ICC MC Numbers and Why Are They Important?

ICC MC Numbers

Sometimes it seems like just about anyone can start a company and call themselves “movers”. But aside from scouring Yelp, how can you determine your mover’s credibility? This is where ICC MC Numbers come in. We’ll explain the acronym, and break down why this number is one way to ensure your movers are properly credentialed […]

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Garage Roof Repair Price

Garage Roof Repair – Can Be Simple

I took a much-needed break and traveled to Down East Maine a few weeks ago never dreaming I’d be thinking about a garage roof repair price! 

My wife, oldest daughter, my son-in-law and I saw brilliant fall color in the trees at Mount Desert Island. A neglected detached garage stared at me as I parked on the gravel drive in front of it.

garage roof repair

The garage roof looks really bad, but a good carpenter can restore it in a few days. (C) Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

It’s important to realize the roof of this garage was in horrible shape. I estimate the shingles were at least sixty or more years old. The colored ceramic granules on most of the shingles were gone.

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Free & Fast Garage Roof Bids

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In addition I could see wood rot on the right side and front edge of the roof. The wood shakes covering the exterior walls needed some tender loving care as well.

garage roof repair

This overhang is in the worst shape. It can be rebuilt in a few hours. (C) Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Valuable Garage Space

The second home I purchased back in 1976 had a nearly identical detached garage. Garages are valuable. To put it differently, there are quite a few uses for detached garages other than getting cars and trucks out of the weather.

In spite of the wretched exterior condition, the bones of the garage were still in great shape when I peered in through the windows. The roof was not sagging. The walls were not bowed out. The hinged garage doors didn’t fit quite right, but that’s a small job all things considered.

I walked outside walking around the garage within 30 minutes of arriving. All of a sudden I started to, imagine what the garage roof repair price might be. I approached this problem like I had done with hundreds of my past remodeling and building jobs for paying customers.

Garage Roof Repair Checklist

Here’s the simple list of what needs to be done to stop the decay of this gorgeous garage:

  • Remove existing shingles exposing wood roof sheathing
  • Remove rotted roof sheathing
  • Install new roof rafter tails or complete rafters where necessary
  • Replace rotted roof sheathing where necessary
  • Bolster interior collar ties if needed
  • Install new roof eave and fascia boards
  • Install metal drip edge at all fascia boards
  • New asphalt shingles with thin 12-inch copper ridge cap to extend the life of the asphalt

I quickly wrote on a piece of paper a fast material list and came up with about $1,200.00 worth of materials. The new shingles were the largest single cost item on the list.

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A point often overlooked is the time it takes to clear around the garage so you can work efficiently and safely. Out-of-control bushes on the right side of this garage needed to be trimmed back in my opinion.

Labor Costs Are Variable

Labor costs for garage roof repair are a moving target. It depends on the type of company or tradesperson you hire. I prefer to just go step by step and try to estimate the time for each of the tasks that need to be done.

I estimated it would take a seasoned carpenter and his trained helper about five total days to complete the entire job. This garage roof repair is much more labor intensive than it it material intensive. If the total cost per hour for these two workers is $120 per hour, then the labor cost is going to kiss up against $5,000.00.

Certain Jobs More Labor Intensive

Some jobs are the exact opposite. Take for example replacing a front door on a home. An expert carpenter can install a door almost always in one day. The door being installed may cost five times or more what the labor charge might be.

Get Lowest Price Using Specifications

Produce a simple set of specifications to get the best prices. Give these specifications to the carpenters and roofers who will be looking at your garage roof.

You must tell the bidders what you want. Here’s a simple list of things you need to list on your specifications:

  • brand, type and color of shingles
  • number of roof rafters or rafter tails that must be replaced if known
  • type of fascia or eave board that will be used
  • brand and type of any paint used to paint any and all repaired / replaced surfaces

When you go to this effort, it’s going to be far easier to compare the quotes as the material costs should be very similar if the bidding contractors sharpened their pencils!

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