Making space for 3: PAX as a room partition

We were faced with a problem, we had to move into a one bedroom flat but there’s three of us me, she who must be obeyed and our seven year old son.

The sole bedroom wasn’t that big but it did have an alcove with a fitted wardrobe and linen cupboard.

Original fitted cupboard


After several permutations on my ‘SketchUp‘ software I finally came up with the idea of ripping out the wardrobe and cupboard to make the alcove bigger. Then, to use PAX wardrobes as a room partition and fit a STUVA Loft Bed set into the space freed up by removing the original fitted cupboards.

One room for 3: PAX as room partition - SKETCHUP plan

It was a very tight squeeze for the loft bed. There was exactly 270cm width AFTER I had taken off the plasterboard on the right hand wall and the STUVA loft bed is . . . . 270cm wide!


One room for 3: PAX as room partition

As it turned out, that still wasn’t enough and, due to the wall not being built exactly square (are they ever?). I still had to cut out a 5cm rebate in the right hand timber stud in order to accommodate the ladder. It also meant that we couldn’t build the loft bed exactly as stated and had to miss out some fixings which were inaccessible.

However, the integrity and tightness of the structure was maintained by judicious use of a few steel brackets and mending plates (only one of which remains visible). After much blood, sweat and tears, and with appropriate ‘easing’ into place, the finished bed is absolutely rock solid. I pity any future flat owner who wants to remove it!

One room for 3: PAX as room partition

The space remaining for ma and pa is a bit tight but there is still enough room to walk around three sides of the bed. The two existing IKEA chests of drawers we had have simply been put inside the wardrobes to save floor space but, even with doing that, we still have plenty of storage and hanging space left.

As for the wee lad, well, he’s got plenty of storage space too but how will he feel about climbing up into a loft bed when he’s a six foot something teenager? Ah well, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we come to it. Has anybody got a set of sky hooks for sale?!

~ by Richard, Jen and Robbie

More ideas for room partitions

Expedit wall room partition

The EXPEDIT/ KALLAX is one of the best choices for a room divider but the open shelves can be a mess if you’re not into tidying. Kris got around this problem with custom doors for the EXPEDIT. See more here.

Free standing STUVA room partition

Not keen to make doors? Take the easy way out and use the STUVA instead. You’ll just need to cut a panel to cover the back. See how it’s done.

Stuva IKEA room partition

Another take on the STUVA as a room divider, with two STUVA cabinets flanking a dining nook. Details here.

mid century modern room partition with shelving and desk

The STOLMEN is lovely as a mid-century styled space divider and shelving unit. Here it functions as a desk too.

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Senco F-15 Finish Nailer Review

I’ve driven hundreds of thousands of nails with many different nail guns since the late 1970s. This fact should be of great interest to you.


That deep experience allows me to give you a pro’s opinion about a new tool so you don’t waste your money.

Here’s another fact. You might come across other tool reviews written by hobby bloggers who’ve never set foot on a job site nor have ever worked inside or outside the home of a paying customer.

Always be sure you check out the reviewer’s About Me page so you can judge their qualifications when it comes to evaluating a tool. How can a person who’s not used tools on a job site for years render an opinion you can trust? It’s your money at stake when you buy, not his for goodness sake!

But I digress!

A Senco Neighbor

I grew up in Cincinnati, OH and my entire construction experience was in and around Cincinnati.

My first nail gun was a Senco SN-4 I believe. It was a large gray gun that shot 16d sinkers and 8d nails for roof and wall sheathing and thicker subflooring.

That gun never failed me. I don’t believe it ever jammed. If it did, I have no memory. At the time I had no idea that Senco was based in Cincinnati. What a small world.

Within five years, I owned no less than five pneumatic Senco guns. They made me lots of money.

The F-15

Over the past five years I’ve been to countless editors conferences where tool manufacturers ply their wares to the members of the media. I’ve witnessed the amazing transformation of cordless tools and ever-increasing battery chemistry and performance.

Here’s the tool I tested. It drove nails perfectly. CLICK THE PHOTO now to have one delivered to your home.

Perhaps the biggest advancement has been micro-processor technology built into power tools to protect the tool and the battery.

It only made sense to bring this magic to finish nailers.

Fast Recharge

I continue to be impressed by the rapid recharge time once you’ve depleted a battery. The F-15’s battery can attain 80% recharge in just 15 minutes and a full charge in just 45 minutes. That means after a long lunch you can get back to work and not fear running out of power.

The Specs

I don’t waste the time repeating specs. If you want them, CLICK HERE.

Weight and Performance

There are pros and cons to every tool. I’ve reviewed hundreds of them. The same is true for this gorgeous finish nailer.

I love the fact that I don’t have to mess with a compressor and a hose. I grab the tool, push it against the wood, and squeeze the trigger. Kerchunk – it fires!

I may have put up five pieces of trim in the time it takes you to get your compressor and hose set up making sure you don’t mess any surface up.

However, you pay a small price for this convenience.

The tool with the battery weighs a little more than I’d prefer. It’s not much, but it could be enough to cause some fatigue later in the day.

My Rating

I’m a sucker for bright red and blue so this tool already had an inside track. Just kidding!

In all honesty, I’d give this nail gun 4.5 stars. I love the convenience of no hose and no compressor.

Senco can get the other half star when the next version of this tool goes on a diet.

You’ll not be disappointed using this nail gun and I feel you’ll agree with me about the convenience.

Let me know in the comments below.

Landlords: concerned about letting to international students?

There are so many benefits to renting your property out to students. With high demand and longer rental periods, studentlettingscan produce higher yields. However, some landlords can have particular concerns over letting to international students.With this in mind, Your Move has identified two of these concerns and providedways landlords can find support tonot miss the opportunity of letting to internationals.

The ‘Right to Rent’ Scheme

The ‘Right to Rent’ scheme, enforced in February 2016, requires that landlords of privately rented accommodation must carry out identity checks on every tenant before they sign a tenancy agreement. A landlord survey carried out by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants found that 42% of landlords were less likely to rent to someone without a British passport. Whilst it may seem time-consuming to check unfamiliar passports, this is no reason to write off letting to internationals as there is support available.

There is a helpline and an online system available (at that can check and confirm whether an individual has the right to be in the UK. Also, here at Your Move, we can handle tenant checks for you, making the process as stress-free as possible.


Another reason landlords may be weary of international tenants is that these applicants may not be able to provide a UK based guarantor (someone who agrees to take responsibility for rent if the tenant fails to do so). If that is the case, you can just ask for their rent to be paid in advance or ask Your Move to manage your property for you. We can take care of the rent collection, and any necessary guarantor checks, making your life easy.

According to research by the Higher Education Statistics Agency for 2015/2016, 19% of students in England and 22% in Scotland are international. This means that shying away from letting to international students not only decreases your number of potential tenants but could be the difference between your property standing empty or it being someone’s new home.

If you are concerned about these issues, then please contact your local branch or call 0845 450 5507^ (calls cost 2 pence per minute plus your phone company’s access charge), and we will happily guide you through any concerns about letting to international tenants. Alternatively, you can email

Top 6 Things to Do in Stamford, Connecticut

Things to Do in Stamford

Abundant job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, walkable streets and green parks to throw a ball around have made Stamford a Millennial magnet. If you spend even a short time in Stamford you will see why it’s easy to fall in love with the city and contemplate whether to move there. By the time you finish reading []

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How to get into your buyer’s mindset

Proceedable buyers generally have mixed emotions about their impending purchase right now. On the one hand, they may be feeling a little invincible, being one of the highly sought-after minority that currently make up less than 25% of active viewers. As a consequence, they may well be looking at properties which were previously out of their price range, anticipating a hard-ball negotiation with the seller.

The other emotion they are probably experiencing is fear, or at the very least, nervousness. Has the market reached its depths? Is it going to fall further? Will they be trapped in negative equity?


Sellers you need to appreciate your buyer’s motivations and issues in order to be better placed to negotiate with them successfully, and end up with a committed buyer and a good deal.

Here are my suggestions for a mutually beneficial outcome:

1. Don’t rush them buyers are understandably a little jittery at the moment and they may need longer than usual to make up their minds.

2. Compete well investigate your competition buyers are now looking at one average, 15 20 properties before deciding to offer on one, so you need to be the best in your category. If you offer the best deal in the area, you can be more confident about your asking price.

3. Give a little away house buying and selling is a very fraught time, with many obstacles to be overcome before completion. If you have the foundations of a good relationship with your buyers, they will feel more willing to make compromises and be flexible over say, included fixtures and fittings or completion dates.

4. Communication if things start getting a little tense, ask your agent to facilitate a ’round table meeting’ if you discuss matters face-to-face with your buyers, there is less chance of misunderstanding occurring and third party corruptions of conversations.

5. Expect the unexpected in this market, there is every chance that your buyer may get cold feet, may lose their buyer, have their mortgage offer withdrawn or may try to gazunder you. The latter is when a buyer deliberately waits until you are ready to exchange contracts then drops their offer, often significantly. Decide on an action plan for each and all of these eventualities, and don’t start packing until it’s signed.

By following these 5 rules, you will keep your buyer ‘on side’ and the obstacles and challenges you meet along the way won’t seem so insurmountable.

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questionshereand if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch

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Hack your own Game of Thrones cape

If you’re fan of Game of Thrones, I’m sure you know by now that the shaggy capes worn by the men and women of Westeros are fashioned from IKEA rugs. It seems, even the runaway hit show has a budget to keep (reportedly an eye popping10 million per episode) and they do try to save where they can. Naturally, IKEA fits the bill.

IKEA, in response to the news, (after jumping for joy for a bit I’m sure) quickly went to work and came up with a set of hack instructions for a Game of Thrones cape. Named Vinter, of course. All you need is the woollyRENS or super softTEJNrugs and a pair of sharp scissors.

Hack your own Game of Thrones cape

Photo: @ikeanorge

Three easy steps later et voil, you can strut around looking like this.

Hack Jon Snow's Game of Thrones cape

Photo:Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Of course the folks at GOT do much more than cut a hole the size of Jon Snow’s neck. GOT costume designer Michele Clapton saidduring a speaking engagement about Medieval dress at Los Angeles’s Getty Museum in 2016, they cut and we shaved them and added strong leather straps, and then breakdown, which is like a religion onGame ofThrones.

(See her explaining in detail, around 27:30 in the video below)

Winter is here and the season finale is neigh. So you better get on with it and hack yourself a Game of Thrones cape.Overnight stubble and sword not included.

Truly, with a bit of ingenuity you can hack IKEA for A N Y T H I N G.

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