Find Out How Much Your Home Will Cost In 25 Years

Have you ever wondered how much your house might be worth in the future?

Online estate agents Settled have developed a tool help you discover what your home might be worth in the next 25 years.

Our homes are one of the few things we buy that increase in value over time.

According to Zoopla, UK house prices have increased by more than 275% in the last 20 years, with the current average home now costing around £299,745.

The tool takes average yearly increase rates from locations across the UK and projects what the value of homes in those areas might be in the future.

Try out the tool for yourself here and find out how much your home will be worth over the next 25 years:

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This tool may not necessarily reflect future property prices, but it gives a great indication of what you might expect of your property over the following years.

To put these prices into context, a property in Chelsea’s prestigious SW3 postcode would have cost £366,051 in 1995. Today, that same property will set you back a staggering £2.9 million as of January 2017.

UK’s Fastest Growing House Price Areas

Unsurprisingly, postcode areas in London were among the top locations projected for the largest growth over the next few years. With Farringdon topping the list, with an average yearly increase of 16.4%, south and west London are tipped to see the largest amounts of growth.

A property in Farringdon that costs £500,000 today will potentially cost £21,062,773 in 25 years’ time.

London Top 10 Areas

Postcode Area Average Yearly Increase
EC1M Farringdon 16.14%
W10  Ladbroke Grove 13.85%
SE24  Herne Hill 13.24%
SE11  Oval 12.91%
W1J  Green Park 12.86%
N5  Highbury East 12.51%
 SW7  South Kensington 12.49%
E10  Leyton 12.26%
N20  Whetstone 12.24%
W11  Notting Hill  12.23%

Outside of London, Llandudno tops the list of areas that are expected to see the most growth over the next few years.

Most areas to make the top 10 are based across the west of the UK, either in south west England or Wales.

Postcode Area Average Yearly Increase
LL21 Llandudno 13.53%
LL60 Anglesey 12.01%
SP9 Tidworth 11.61%
WR12 Worcester 11.27%
KT11 Esher 11.18%
BS11 Bristol 10.99%
TN20 Tonbridge 10.98%
RM20 Romford 10.87%
TN5 Tonbridge 10.78%
CH47 Chester  10.75%

A property in Llandudno that costs the current average price of £163,000 will be worth more than £3.89 million in the next 25 years.

These are only estimations based on past annual increases and may not necessarily reflect future property prices for that area.

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YOUR MOVE: A Spotlight on Bi-Folding Doors

With the first signs of Spring beginning to arise, those Winter days spent hibernating away from the cold inside will soon be behind us. Rather than blocking the elements out, we can endeavour to spend more time outside and begin to welcome the outside in. 

Architectural design has been evolving over recent years to be more ‘welcoming’ to our surrounding environment. This has involved both a significant increase in the volume of glass used within our properties and also homes being designed in an increasingly ‘open’ style, generating a heightened sense of both light and space. 

One feature which has epitomised this new trend is the bi-folding door. Glass bi-folding doors effectively enable whole walls to disappear, blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor. As the weather improves bi-folding doors can thus enable us to expand our liveable area, through creating a seamless transition between once distinct environments. 

Below I have hand-picked just eight of our fantastic homes on the market today, all of which boast stylish bi-folding doors. 

BiFolding1£255,000 Brettanby Gardens, Ryton

4 bedroom Semi Detached House for sale

This marvellous 4-bed semi-detached home situated in a semi-rural town, just a twenty minute drive east of Newcastle City Centre features a fantastic high-gloss, open-plan kitchen/ dining room, with bi-folding doors opening onto a secluded garden. 

Click here for more information about Brettanby Gardens >

Bifold2£325,000, Highwood Grove, Leeds

4 bedroom Semi Detached House for sale

This beautifully appointed 4-bedroom semi-detached family home is situated in an enviable position down a quiet cul de sac in the Moortown area of North Leeds. The rear of the property benefits from these fantastic bi-folding doors, leading to a well-maintained garden. 

Click here for more information about Highwood Grove >


Offers over £330,000 Belper Road, West Hallam

4 bedroom Detached House for sale

This substantial, contemporary 4-bedroom family home offers spacious, light, airy accommodation throughout, facilitated by the bi-folding doors dominating the rear of the property. A superb offering, conveniently located for both Ilkeston and Derby. 

Click here for more information about Belper Road >

Bifold4£439,995, Stourport Road, Kidderminster

5 bedroom Detached House for sale

A stylish 5-bedroom new-build property situated to the South of Kidderminster. This contemporary home is designed to the highest specifications, with a transmission of light encouraged through these bi-folding doors, connecting the living room and outdoor patio. 

Click here for more information about Stourport Road >


£550,000, Moor Lane, Strensall, York

4 bedroom Detached House for sale

An impeccably designed family home, positioned in a sought-after village to the North of York. Two sets of bi-folding doors at the rear of the property open out onto a delightful lawned garden and the beautiful countryside beyond. 

Click here for more information about Moor Lane >


£550,000, St. Stephen’s Road, Walthamstow

2 bedroom Detached House for sale

A magnificent 2-bedroom detached house for sale in Walthamstow village, just 15mins walk from the central station. This extensive renovation project includes bi-folding doors, leading to a 22 foot garden. 

Click here for more information about St Stephen’s Road >


£625,000, Bearton Road, Hitchin

4 bedroom House for sale

This stunning period property situated on a sought-after road, is an excellent example of how modern design features such as bi-folding doors can complement a characterful home. The bi-folding doors offer an extension of the superbly designed family kitchen/dinner. 

Click here for more information about Bearton Road >


£975,000, Pump Hill, Loughton

4 bedroom Detached House for sale

Positioned at the rear corner of this magnificent 4-bedroom detached home, these bi-folding doors are incredibly effective in blurring the distinction between inside and out. Leading onto a paved patio, these doors seek to further increase the footprint of this already extensive family home. 

Click here for more information about Pump Hill >

For more information on any of these properties listed please click on the links provided.

For alternative offerings of similar homes please contact your local Your Move branch, using the Your Move Branch Directory.

Birch Dining Table from Hammarp Countertop

Birch Dining Table from Hammarp Countertop

This table started as 2 Hammarp countertops.

First I spliced the countertops together to make the table, and cut the curved ends.

DIY birch dining table

I used the spare wood to build the legs and support structure below. I used silicone to bond the blocks in place after building the leg structure.

Leftover material for the legs

Using birch as a building material is so nice, it has a very close grain so the cuts come out perfectly smooth. To make the curves on the table, I cut out the rough shape with a jigsaw, then used a template and router to make the perfect curve.

On the legs, I used a band saw to cut rough curves and used a disk sander to finish the curve to the final shape.

Support for the table top

~ by Daniel Tagtow


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IKEA Expedit turns into beautiful blue sideboard cabinet

I used to have 2 Ikea Expedit shelves in my living room, one next to the other.


I actually really liked the look of it, but after almost 2 years I got bored and totally fell in love with the idea of hiding all the books and little items behind some cabinet doors.

Also I love the colour turquoise and so I decided to use my Christmas holidays for a major Expedit makeover.

I disassembled one of the shelves and left out some boards before building it together again.



I bought some plywood and fibrewood boards in a hardware centre and cut them into the right measures. I also bought doorknobs, hinges, super power glue, strips of wood, furniture wax and acrylic paint.

To design fake drawers I cut the wood strips into pieces, sanded them thoroughly and glued them onto the cabinet doors.



I created my own teal chalkpaint by mixing acrylic paint, water and calcium carbonate. I then painted the cabinet doors and the Expedit shelf on the outside.


For the inside of the shelf and the doors I did the same mixing orange chalk paint.

When everything was dry, which happens unbelievably quick, I rubbed in some stinky furniture wax, which completely seals the paint and makes it very durable, shiny and lovely. The stink went away after 24 hours luckily.

Next I placed the doorknobs.


For the top of my sideboard I sanded a huge plywood board and stained it with a mix of the colours mahogany and walnut, sealing it, again, with furniture wax.

I then fixed it onto the Expedit using large screws from the inside and glue.

I added feet to my Expedit and nailed fibreboard to the back.


The trickiest part was actually to add the hinges, as I had used such thin plywood boards for my cabinet doors, that I could not find any screws short enough not to come out on the other side of the wood. (Therefore remember: invest a little more money and buy stronger, high quality wood!)



As there was no way to use screws on the doors I decided to glue extra wood strips on the inside of the cabinet doors that would support the door’s weight resting on top the Expedit shelving when closed. It is definitely not a perfect solution, but I then glued the hinges onto the doors and screwed them into the Expedit corpus.

Until now it has been surprisingly stable :)

The result is much better than I had expected.

IKEA Expedit turns into beautiful blue sideboard cabinet

IKEA Expedit turns into beautiful blue sideboard cabinet

I am so proud of myself that I managed to build this lovely sideboard without anything but my hands, not being equipped with electronic saws, high end machines, etc.

~ by Lena


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