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Hackers Help: Want to sell rare Swivel Rocker PONG chair

Want to sell rare Swivel Rocker PONG chair

While my submission could be a hack to someone, it’s really about a very rare IKEA Swivel Rocker PONG chair I bought in the early ’90s when Ikea opened their store in Emmeryville CA. I purchased the very last one and was told it was introduced in a limited run and discontinued immediately, so not many were made or available. I’ve searched online year after year and have never seen another one, so this leads me to believe it’s close to being one of a kind.

Swivel PONG chair frame Swivel PONG chair base

It looks similar to a regular PONG chair but the wood is thicker and sturdier. It has a full rotating ball-bearing swivel base (excellent engineering) and a side lever that lets you adjust the rocker, back and forth or set it to be stationary. The base is a sunburst design with 5 curved feet.

Swivel PONG chair

This chair is just much more substantial than the regular PONG chairs yet it fits the regular cushions. Truthfully, I’ve used it very, very little over the years (being single and living alone mostly using my sofa to sit or lie on), using this chair mostly as extra seating for visitors.

Swivel vs Regular PONG chair

I’d love to know if anyone has seen this? Is anyone eager to buy should I sell it?

It can be taken apart and used in other ways I suspect.

~ by Mary in Boston

Other ideas to pimp the PONG chair:

– Turn the PONG into a Gravity Recliner

– Don’t like the tall back? Cut it down into alow back PONG

– The PONGis pretty comfortably but take it to the next level witha built-in massager

– ThePONG frame makes an excellent rolling computer stand

– An easy armrest extension for tablet viewing or resting a cup of coffee

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6 Easy DIY Fixes to Make to Your Home Before Putting It on the Market

Trying to sell your old home so you can move as soon as possible? Chances are good that you’ll have to make a few fixes and improvements before putting it Continue reading “6 Easy DIY Fixes to Make to Your Home Before Putting It on the Market”

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Stereo System Stand from 12 shelves

Stereo System from 12 IKEA EKBY shelves

Ikea items used: 12 pieces of white EKBY STEN shelves (79cm x 19cm x 1.8cm)

IKEA EKBY OSTEN white shelf


I used 12 pieces of IKEA white EKBY STENshelves to make the pair of speakers and the center unit to house the old car stereo system and PC power supply.

Step 1

I cut the EKBY shelves to match the width of the car stereo. I used 2 full EKBY shelves to hold the cut pieces together. Same for the speakers, I cut the EKBY shelves to size, cut holes to fit the speaker drivers.

DIY Stereo System Stand from 12 IKEA EKBY shelves

Step 2

I drilled holes on the edge of cut pieces and the 2 shelves and fastened them with wood dowels and glue. Same process for the speakers.

IKEA HACK: Stereo System Stand from 12 shelves

Step 3

This unit was assembled to house the car stereo on top and PC power below. I used a plastic polystyrene sheet as backing for the center unit. I ran a power cord to connect the car stereo to the PC power supply.

IKEA HACK: Stereo System Stand from 12 shelves

Step 4

Final assembled IKEA Stereo System with shelving.

Stereo System Stand from 12 IKEA EKBY shelves

~ by Terence Loh Tze Kok, Singapore

We have more DIY stereo system boxes and designs.

Check out the links below:

House a pair of full range speakers in LACK shelves.

Car stereo system built into a HEMNES chest of drawers(for kids’ room!)

– How to make a boombox for a car stereo system.

Spherical speakers from wooden Blanda bowls

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June 20, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

In just a few days, I leave on the Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) Dawn ship for a one-week cruise to Bermuda.

WOOT! I’ve never been on a cruise before. I’ve been in contact with the NCL public relations department and they’re working with me trying to get me into non-public areas of the ship so I can write a very interesting story for you.

I’m hoping it all works out and I’m allowed to take some fantastic photos. As Kenny Chesney said in his hit song, “Only time will tell, but it ain’t talkin’.

Montana Deck Collapse

Each week I’m convinced there are decks that collapse in the USA. Most don’t make the national news. If you want to get the statistics, the best place would be insurance companies.

Most homeowners would file a claim with their insurance company in the event of a deck collapse.

Last week there was a fairly large deck collapse in Montana and some of the people on the deck were first responders!

CLICK HERE to read the story about what’s known so far.

CLICK HERE to watch several deck collapse videos. Scroll down to see them.

What’s this have to do with you? More than you can ever imagine. I can tell you after reading the following you’re going to think about your safety when you stand or sit on a deck that’s not yours.

Here’s the short list of what you probably don’t know about decks and treated lumber:

  • treated lumber ROTS – CLICK HERE to see it
  • treated lumber can corrode nails and bolts
  • inferior framing methods create DOOM – CLICK HERE

I could go on and on. I’m not trying to freak you out about getting on a deck, but you need to realize they can collapse.

SAFETY TIP: If you have an older deck, you may want to have it inspected.

I’d only trust a structural engineer that’s got experience with outdoor decks. Calling in a regular contractor that builds decks is not the best idea.

This poor devil contractor may have been building decks wrong his entire career, so you don’t want to get advice or an opinion from him.

CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local structural engineers in your city or town who can inspect your deck.

Bermuda Next Week

I’ll be on a cruise next week to Bermuda. There won’t be a newsletter. I’m going to meet up with one of my subscribers who’s there! I’ll post a photo if she lets me.

Stain Solver 9-Pound Sale

It’s time to make a new huge batch of Stain Solver.

The issue we have is we have to forecast the amount of each size that MIGHT sell moving into the future. It’s hard to do it and we’ve never gotten it right.

To balance out existing inventory, we need to SELL more of the 9-pound size.

Here’s a promo code for 10% off that will only work if you purchase a 9-pound or larger size:


This promo code is only good for the next TEN DAYS. It WILL EXPIRE.

In addition to the discount, you also get FREE SHIPPING to any location in the lower 48 contiguous states.

CLICK HERE to place your order. Remember, the promo code only works on the 9-pound size or larger.

New Revised Columns For You

Here are some excellent columns you should look at. Several have GREAT VIDEOS in them.

Change the Color of Your Concrete – Seriously!

Treated Lumber Rotting

Traditional Wood Porch Decking

Concrete Steps Leaking? No Way!!!!

Tool Of The Week

Here’s the tool of the week I feel you should know about. I’ve been using this Bosch drill now for over a month and LOVE IT.

It’s cordless and the 18-volt 6.3 amp/hour battery provides what seems like ENDLESS power!

CLICK HERE to discover more about this drill and to get a great price on a full kit.

This is a BEEFY drill and remember it will drill into CONCRETE, GRANITE, wood, and STEEL!

That’s enough for today. I’ve got tons to do before I leave for the cruise on Friday.

I’ll be back with more news in early July!

Tim Carter

Founder –

Author –

Do It Right, Not Over!

Timing is everything

Timing is everythingWhen you get a call from your estate agent to book in a viewing, are you ultra accommodating, eager to please? Do you change your plans in order to make sure that your viewers can view your home whentheywant to?

Let me ask you another question when is thebest timeto view your house? There are usually several factors to consider, including traffic flow, and I suggest you need to decide in advance which are the very best times for someone to see your house at its best, and arrange your viewings accordingly. Here are some of the times to avoid wherever possible:

School times if you live anywhere near a school and parents have a tendency to park near your house when collecting and dropping off.

Commuting hours it’s not easy to compete with the noise of the traffic when you’re in your garden telling your viewers how quiet the area usually is.

Bin days no street looks nice with a row of wheelie bins waiting for the bin men.

Crowd noise if you have a football ground or other event venue nearby, keep an eye on the schedule and avoid any large and potentially noisy events.

As well as these times to avoid, think about when your home actually looks its best; when the light streams through the kitchen window for example. Lots of buyers are keen to make sure the garden is well lit at key times of the day, so show yours off and arrange the viewings accordingly.

A keen buyer won’t be put off by restricting the times they can view, and I’ve heard many stories of buyers viewing properties at simply the wrong time of day. By helping your viewers to fall in love with your home before they see it at a more compromised time, they will themselves overcome these objections, without it becoming the deal breaker it can be.

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questionshereand if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch

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What to do next:Sign up to my Selling Secrets

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The 8 Best Spots for Art and Culture Lovers at Palm Beach Council, FL

Palm Beach

When you think of Palm Beach, Florida, it’s easy to focus on the stunning beaches and stop there. But if you miss the rich art and culture that the area has to offer, you’re truly missing some of the most vibrant and fascinating parts of the city. Entertainment from the

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