Don’t let the rain dampen a summer sale!

We live in the UK, which means that summer weather isn’t always sunny and hot – as much as we would love it to be! When you’re trying to sell, you want your home to look its best, and the rain can not only dampen your lawn, but your spirits as well. If you have buyers coming over and the weather is a little dim, you can still make the house look wonderful!

Light – Even during the day, darker skies can make it seem like evening. To get around this, light up the rooms. Make sure all of the blinds and curtains are open, and turn on all of your lamps including any cupboard and appliance lights. Doing so makes the home welcoming and bright.

Heat – Frustrating as it can be, during winter the temperatures can drop. If your home is a little chilly, turn the heat on low. You really want the temperature inside to be comfortable and want the buyers to stay, especially when the outside is cold.

Summer food – It’s always nice to offer snacks when buyers come round, and offering ‘summer’ snacks will keep buyers in the summer mind frame, rather than feeling that winter has returned. Fresh strawberries and lemonades are ideal.

Pictures – If the buyers are really interested in your home, they’re going to want to see the garden in its full glory. If the rain is pelting, bring out some umbrellas and take them outside for a small tour. Ideally have some great lifestyle pictures of your garden at hand too, to show why the garden is perfect in the sun!

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