Things to consider when buying your perfect house

In a recent social media poll conducted by Your Move, we found that 65% of people would rather view a home that was spick and span and completely ‘finished’ compared to 35% of those who always have a vision of what a house could be like despite its current state.

What kind of 'house viewer' are you? Results

Even though it’s not a 50:50 split, it’s obvious that not everyone has the same idea of what their next home should be like when they first move in, and what’s ‘perfect’ for the DIY lover will be very different to someone who likes to see the finished product first. Whatever you’re looking for, there are a few essential tips every property searcher should know. 

Think about your requirements

While your actual ‘dream home’ might not exist, it’s always worth writing down in a bullet pointed list what your absolute priorities are when it comes to buying your next home. For example:

  • How many bedrooms should it have?
  • Do you want an open plan kitchen?
  • How big will your garden need to be?
  • Will you need a garage?

Doing this will not only give you a clear vision of what you’re looking for but will also help you save time by not viewing properties that clearly aren’t right after seeing their online listing.

Future planning

Buying a house is obviously a long-term investment and while you don’t know what might happen in the future, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan in mind. It might be that you will probably house a growing family, and therefore your new home should be big enough or have the potential for extension. Alternatively, you might have plans to set up your own business and if you’re working from home, are there any rooms that could be your office? Thinking about these things can quickly narrow down your shortlist.


We hate to say it but nothing comes cheap, especially when it comes to buying a home. You definitely need to consider what it is you can afford. This can depend on your lifestyle, salary and lots of other factors.

But not to worry, we have a handy budget planner that can help you understand where to start.


This is a great tip! By driving by the property, you can not only see what the property looks like but you can also get a feel for the neighbourhood and whether you can see yourself living there. For example, if you have young children, you might be able to spot if they’d likely to make friends with neighbouring families.

Ask questions

Make sure to grill the current owners or the estate agent who is selling the property about everything you want to know. No question is too small, even if it’s about how much storage room there is for your socks.

Don’t be afraid of something new

For those of you who agree with the 65%, this one’s for you. Why not think about viewing some new build properties? There’s most likely no DIY involved because they’re usually modern and contemporary, all ready for you to move in. Sound interesting? Well, here are our hints and tips on buying a new build home, and a selection of new build properties:

New build property in MaidstoneLeeds Road, Langley, Maidstone, ME17 – £875,000

New build property in Telford

Eastfields, Lawley Village, Telford, TF3 – £230,000

New build property in KeithBraeval Sellar Crescent, Keith, AB55 – £109,950

If you’re looking for more advice about finding your perfect house, check out our house viewing tips, our first time buyer guide, or contact your local branch today.

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