Heat Loss Photos

heat loss photo

This is a thermal image taken in my own home. It’s normal for the french door and the windows to be the purple and magenta. But you should NOT see that color up on the slanted part of the ceiling. The insulation contractors did a bad job. I didn’t build this house, so it’s not my fault. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Heat Loss Photos – I’ve Got Plenty

Heat loss, and heat gain in the summer, are both responsible for costing you money.

It’s important to realize that you can’t stop heat loss, but you can slow it down. In the photo above the purple areas on the sloped ceiling are caused by air flowing through the batt insulation.

The air enters the soffit just outside the wall under the roof overhang and travels up to the roof ridge vent. The air could have been blocked from entering the insulation by using baffles that shield the fiberglass from the moving air.

Seeing Heat Loss With a Thermal Camera

The human eye can’t see heat loss or the heat signature of objects. But you can purchase an affordable thermal camera that can see it.

I happen to own the FLIR One camera that attaches to my Android smartphone.

flir thermal camera

This is my FLIR thermal camera that attaches to a smartphone. It can even show you where water leaks. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter CLICK THE IMAGE to have one delivered to your home.

The photo above was taken with my FLIR and the ones you see below.

I’ve turned on the temperature function of the FLIR camera. You can see how cold the ceiling surface is in my dining room. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter CLICK THE IMAGE NOW to have a FLIR thermal camera in your hands in days.


thermal image sunbeam

This is a very interesting photo. The bright yellow line on the right side is my baseboard hot water radiator. The diagonal orange stripe on the floor with the temperature crosshairs is a sunbeam! Look how powerful the sun is coming in and heating up that strip of flooring and carpet. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter CLICK THE PHOTO now to have the FLIR camera in your hands in days.

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