Would you spend £27,000 on a wedding?

Weddings have long been reknowned as an expensive affair: with the dress, venue hire, flowers, catering, rings and transport, its easy to see how the average wedding now reportedly costs over £27,000!

Of course, the engaged Royal couple will be no exception, with the May ceremony rumoured to be setting Price Harry and Meghan Markle back a whopping £33 million. They are said to be footing the bill out of their own back pocket (it’s a little more complicated than this*) and that eye watering sum is no short change even for a Royal. 

With the average wedding now priced so extortionately high, that got us thinking:

Do you think marrying the love of your life is worth £27,000, or would you rather spend the money elsewhere?

To give some contaxt, here’s some examples of what else £27,000 could buy you:

Test for wedding blog3 

What would you choose? 

Vote using our SurveyMonkey poll to be in with a chance of winning a £50 Tesco voucher.








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