Lightweight and breathable bunk bed curtains

Lightweight and breathable bunk bed curtains

Lightweight and breathable bunk bed curtains

Items used:

  • Dignitet wire curtain rod from IKEA, 4 sets
  • Lattjo 100% curtains from IKEA, 3 sets
  • a drill (with a small drill bit for the wood screws and a 1/2 drill bit for the drywall) and
  • screws for your particular walls and bed frame (for me that was 12 screws and anchors for drywall and 12 screws for the bunkbed’s wood frame)
  • wire cutter
  • iron (to hem the Lattjo curtains) and/or a sewing machine (which will give you a stronger hem)

I have 5 year old twins that share a room. I noticed that they kept putting up blankets and sheets around their bed they wanted their own space; and since they share a room, I totally understood that desire. So I put up narrow shelves for them to put up their things (they have a little ledge to keep photo frames and in our case toys and books, from falling onto their bed. They are also from IKEA: Mosslanda.) And began my plan to make the bunk bed curtains.

I wanted the bunk bed curtains to be lightweight and breathable. I wanted them to move noiselessly (so they would not wake one another up when opening or closing the curtain). It had to be simple enough for me to install. They had to be easily removed for washing. And they had to be simple and plain (I didn’t want a big curtain rod that would take up a lot of visual space).

I did the curtains for the lower bunk first (because the placement on the lower bunk would control where I placed them on the upper bunk). I placed the rods, for the longer section, in the rails holding up the mattress; and the shorter section was on the inside of the foot panel (see photos). After marking the hole placement with a pencil, I drilled small holes and then used the screwdriver bit to place the screws in the bracket.

Lightweight and breathable bunk bed curtains

Lightweight and breathable bunk bed curtains

Keep in mind there is a R and a L for the rods’ brackets. This is important. And when you are screwing in the wire holder, you will screw the two parts oppositely for the L set. If you think that the parts are not made correctly (and are miss-threaded) it is because you need to screw them in the opposite direction!

I then lined up the top brackets with the bottom, and used the drywall anchors for my particular ceiling. I hoped I would drill into a wood beam, but I was not that lucky – so drywall it was.

I then hung the curtains on the wire to see the length I preferred. For me, I wanted them an inch above the comforter so that they would swing freely (and there will be more air circulation). I had a sewing machine so I washed and ironed the drapes (they shrink) and then did a big hem (I figured the hem would last longer with sewing compared to the ironing strips provided by IKEA.) I also added a top hem (for lack of a better word) so that the material gathered nicely). I did that top hem on all panels except for the lower bunk foot panel because the wire is right next to the mattress of the upper bunk so there isn’t room for that decorative hem.

It all took a bit longer than anticipated, but my kids are THRILLED with the finished product! I purposely wanted a light, breathable curtain fabric, but you can obviously use any fabric or curtain. Just make sure that you don’t need hooks or anything that is metal because it will make noise when you open and close the wire.

In sum, my kids say that their beds are now cozy and it keeps the monsters out! :)

~ by Karin

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Your Move Eastbourne welcomes Lettings Negotiator, Lilly Colville

Your Move Eastbourne has recently welcomed Lilly Colville to their lettings team. We spent some time with her to find out what she’s looking forward to about her new role…

LilyTell us a little bit about yourself

I began working part-time in a retail shop called Mothercare selling car seats and pushchairs about a year ago, while I was also at college studying my a-levels. As soon as I finished college I left Mothercare for a full time job in an insurance company, where I workedin the claims team.I worked there for around 8 months until joining Your Move in October. I feel that my previous experience has influenced the way I work, helping me to do best by the customer.

What is your new position at Your Move and what does it entail?

My new position is Lettings Negotiator, this entails getting properties to let on the market for landlords and arranging viewings to potential tenants. I will do my best to ensure that every customer finds what they are looking for, and also deliver a great friendly service to them.

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

I am looking forward to starting a new career I enjoy. I am always looking to help the customer in anyway I can, and I would like tomake ‘the moving process’ a lot easier for our customers and I am looking forward to working in a different industry and learning what it involves.

What is your favourite thing about Eastbourne?

I live in Eastbourne and have done for around 6 years, Ienjoy the community and the atmosphere. There is always something happening in Eastbourne.

Why did you choose to work for Your Move Eastbourne rather than other agents in the area?

I liked Your Move because I can see a lot of potential for progression, they made it clear that this would be a career and not just a job to me. I feel there area lot of opportunities to progress and learn.

Looking to let? Book your FREE rental valuation today.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I recently remodeled my own home and I was working on the dining room. I got the whole thing finished except for the lights over the dining table. I looked everywhere for lights that seemed to reflect my own personalitycould not find them, even expensive ones.

I happened to be at IKEA one day and was browsing the kitchen products when my eyes locked on the ORDNING stainless steel colanders..perfect, I thought.



The ORDNING colanders come with handles on the sides, so I carefully knocked those off, using a regular hammer, and sharp blows to the handles. It takes a few hard hits but they come off pretty cleanly.

I combined theORDNING colanders with HEMMA light cord sets, and with some other minor things from the hardware store along with a scrap of solid surface countertop, I pieced together the Colander Chandelier in the pictures.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I used some left over bead chain I had around to hang the light with. I considered IKEA light bulbs but decided on large round globes instead to finish the look.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

I had to drill a slightly larger hole in the bottom of each colander and I inserted a metal lighting accessory tube threaded on the outside and nuts to hold it tight. The cord of the HEMMA light fits up through the tube. That same tube was inserted through the solid surface sheet and bolted tightly to it. I combined the cords of all three lights together and connected them to the power cord that went to the ceiling junction box.

The holes in the sides of the colanders allow light out to give the room more light.

And there you have it.

A Colander Chandelier, a modern dining table light

~ by Tom Robbins

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Where’s Your Fold?

No, I’m not being personal, I’m talking about your online property advert!

Take a moment to find your house on Rightmove or one of the other property portals, and tell me what can see,without scrolling down the page. Web developers call this ‘above the fold’ and it receives far more traffic than the bottom section of the webpage.

If your agent has included, as he should have done, a link to the pdf of your brochure, on Rightmove this link will appear at the bottom. If there is reams and reams of description about your house, a buyer may have two scroll down two, three or more times before they even come to it. Most will just not bother, statistics tell us, and your lovely brochure will go unnoticed.

The solution is easy: ask your agent to chop down your description until you can see your brochure link without scrolling down. It appears just above your EPC (energy performance certificate) so edit your copy carefully until you estimate it fits here nicely. Then send the revised description to your agent, and ask them to update the portals accordingly.

Don’t worry about this loss of description; your online advert is not the place to go into detail about what your property has; think of it as a newspaper advert, and only include a brief but punchy write up that will tempt your buyer to pick up the phone and book a viewing; after all, that really is the purpose of your online advert, isn’t it?

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questionshereand if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touchWhere is your fold HT

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What to do next:Sign up to my Selling Secrets

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