Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

I had this idea to add wireless charging to my nightstand. This only cost me the price of the Nokia wireless charging pad as I had everything else, so less than £20/US$25. Total time taken approx 1.5-2 hrs.


  • MALM Chest of Drawers
  • Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad
  • PVA glue
  • Panel pins


  • Wire
  • Surface mount LED

Tools Required:

  • Router (or Circular saw with adjustable depth)
  • Drill with small bits
  • Chisel
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Soldering Iron

How I hid a wireless charging pad in my bedside table

I carefully removed the top to my drawers and marked out on the underside where I wanted to place the charger. Take into consideration the overhang on the front and the depth of the side panel.

Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

I don’t have a router so I used my circular saw set to a depth approximately 5mm less than the overall depth of the cabinet top. I ran the saw in lines approx 5mm apart then broke the strips of chipboard out. If you’re not sure what I mean … like this. I also ran the saw right to the back for the power cable to feed to the back of the drawers. Please be very careful if you choose this method.

Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

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I tidied up the recess using my chisel and knife. Then coated the inside in PVA glue to stop sawdust and particles falling into the drawer.

I picked the Nokia DT-900 wireless charging pad specifically for a few reasons. It’s QI compatible meaning it works across many manufacturers including Apple. It’s been around a while and still get good reviews. But the most important is the fact it has 3 induction loops in it, and three sensors (circled in Yellow) to communicate with the phone to instigate the charge. This means it doesn’t have to be placed exactly in the right place. There is a bit of wiggle room of approximately 70mm up and down.

Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

Making the charging status light visible

Now I would deem the next steps as optional as it is a bit tricky unless you have the correct equipment and experience.

Open the charger using a plastic pry tool. This is quite tricky but once opened there is an LED (Circled in blue) on the DT-900 that gives the status of whether it is charging or not.

I decided to try and move this so I could see it on the surface of the cabinet. I removed the LED – I would say this was impossible without destroying it – and attached a new LED. For that, I used another surface mount type with a bit of two way ribbon cable.

LEDs are directional so it will need to be connected the correct way round. I’ve marked the polarity on the drawing. This is very fiddly as it is incredibly small. Please only attempt if you are handy with a soldering iron. Cut a hole in the top of the DT-900 case before you clip it back together to allow for the wires.

Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

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I then very very carefully drilled from the bottom side of the cabinet top with a small drill bit without breaking the top surface. Do not be too greedy with the hole size, the smaller the better 1mm-1.25mm max. Place tape on the drill bit as a depth gauge.

Remove the debris from the hole using the same drill bit but by hand and by flipping and banging the wood. You may need to make the opening of that hole slightly bigger to sit the LED in before securing it. As you can see I used electrical tape to hold the LED in place.

Wireless Charging Pad Hidden in IKEA bedside table

Notice the tiny light to indicate charging

I secured the wireless charging pad into place under the drawer top using panel pins/small nails very much like some pictures frames would hold the pictures in. I did consider glueing it in but wanted to reduce materials between the phone and the charger as much as I could.

Test it all and reassemble. Voilà!

A video of it in action.

I also did something similar in my car

~ by Dylan

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Be a little different – Guerrilla Marketing Tips to sell your home!

Have you heard of guerrilla marketing? The term was coined and defined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his book Guerrilla Marketing and was invented as an unconventional system of promoting something, that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, and consumers are targeted in unexpected ways and places.

There’s a lot that estate agents could learn about guerrilla marketing techniques, and how to apply them to selling houses.  In this still-tough market, sellers need all the help they can get.  But don’t leave it to your agent; there’s plenty that you can do to give yourself the best possible chance to attract interest and beat the competition.  Here’s twelve guerrilla marketing tips to get you started:

1. If you have an unusual feature, design or story about your house, try to generate free PR by getting onto local radio or in the press.

2. Offer a financial referral incentive to all on your email contact list, and ask them all to pass it on. Make it a really worthwhile reward – several thousands of pounds – to make sure they get excited about it.

3.Leave your brochure between the pages of some of your used magazines, and then take them to doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries for their waiting rooms.

4. Attach a lidded, waterproof brochure box to your for sale sign so people can help themselves to your brochures when they are driving or walking past.

5. Your largest employers in the area will probably have noticeboards where you can pin a brochure, or at least an index card..

6. Put your asking price on your for sale board. This particularly works well on a busy road, or on the rear fence of a house that backs on to a playing field or park.

7. Have some small postcards printed with your property details and contact information; wherever you go, make sure you have some with you and can leave them in appropriate places.

8. Calculate the price per square foot of your house, and compare it to your competition; if it is favourable, print a table showing how you rank and make it available to buyers.

9.If you have a family house, make sure any children are well catered for, and encourage them to play on swings, slides, trampolines etc, leaving their parents free to look around in peace.  Pester power can work a treat!

10. Follow the developers’ lead, and place some signs around the house detailing appliances and any other features, such as pull-down loft ladders and garage door remote switches. Men in particular, love any gadgets, and it gives them permission to try them out.

11. Ask your friends and neighbours to write some nice testimonials about the house, the neighbours and the village or town. Leave these printed out on the table for them to take with them. Include any interesting local stories and famous or celebrity residents.

12. Facebook sites are really easy to create – make one to showcase your house complete with local information, photographs, details about local stories and famous neighbours etc. Share the link with your email list, and add it to any marketing.

The message here is, don’t leave it all to your estate agent – there’s so much you can do. At the very least, you’ll feel that you have taken back some control of the marketing of your property – and at best, you might just find yourself a buyer!

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questions here and if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch


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6 Ways To Find the Best Local Service Providers Near You

Best Local Service Providers

If you’re settling in after moving and are ready to tackle all of the home improvement projects that await you in your new home, you’ll likely need some assistance. Sure, you may be able to work on easy projects on your own. When it comes to bigger tasks like putting in hardwood floors or renovating […]

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Identifying Profitable Marketing Channels For Trades

Two weeks ago we identified a few different marketing channels for trades to promote their business and services. This short blog post delves into how we can identify which of those marketing channels are the most profitable for your business.

How do we define profitable marketing channels?

There are lots of ways we can define a profitable marketing channel. In its simplest form, a profitable marketing channel is a channel that brings in profit for your business. Important: Profit and NOT revenue.

Revenue: Every pound that comes into the business

Profit: Revenue minus ALL business costs, where costs might include public liability insurance, accreditations/memberships (Gas Safe Register) van insurance/tax/MOT, work materials, wages and advertisements (SEO, magazine publications etc.)


Identifying profitable marketing channels


Defining the most profitable marketing channel is a little bit more complicated, however. Instead, you need to think long-term:

  • After the initial work, how much referral work do you tend to get from customers on that marketing channel?
  • Is there a larger opportunity to up-sell on that marketing channel?
  • What’s the lifetime value of customers on that marketing channel, i.e. is there lots of repeat work or does it tend to be one-off work?
  • How much time does it take to win work on that marketing channel and is it practical/sustainable? Remember, time is money too.

It might take a couple of years of experience in the trade to answer some of these questions, but once you’ve answered them, you can start making smart business decisions.

Profitable marketing channels in action:

Job: £1500 Boiler installation

Daily business running costs: £500

Marketing channel one: Magazine advertisement: £50 for one advertisement that sits in a magazine all month – Win 10 leads – Invoice 2 customers – win 1 job.

Customer acquisition costs (ignoring daily business running costs) £5 per lead, £25 per invoice and £50 per job.

Total profit for 1 job: £950

Marketing channel two: Website SEO: £100 for one month – Win 5 leads – Invoice 2 customers – Win 1 job.

Customer acquisition costs (ignoring daily business running costs): £20 per lead, £50 per invoice and £100 per job.

Total profit for 1 job: £900

From this perspective, it’s an obvious choice to choose the magazine advertisement as the preferred and most profitable marketing channel because of the extra £50 profit.

However, now take into account that the customer acquired from the magazine advertisement referred only 1 customer for the same job, equalling another £1000 profit (ignoring customer acquisition costs), whereas the website customer referred 2 customers, equalling another £2000 profit (ignoring customer acquisition costs). Additionally, the website customer has opted in for an annual boiler service, equalling an additional £80 profit for the next year, minimum.

Now, from this perspective, it’s more of an obvious choice to choose website SEO as the preferred marketing channel because of the additional £1080 profit that if offers over the magazine (1 extra boiler install and first year boiler service).

Identifying profitable marketing channels tradesDeciding on marketing channels

Referring back to an earlier point on making smart business decisions: Is it now better to drop the magazine as a marketing channel where you’re getting lots of immediate, short-term work but little repeat/referral work and instead focus on website SEO where there’s smaller immediate, short-term profit, but where there’s more repeat/referral work? Over time and with more experience, you’ll be able to answer these questions more accurately.

Parting tip

For business running costs that are paid annually, you can work out their daily costing by dividing the total cost by the number of days you’ve worked (roughly around 250 for those that work 5 days a week).

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Trundle bed hack means more space for activities!

I have two of the IKEA FJELLSE beds. I made this video where I turned them into a trundle bed. We did it, so to create a lot more space for our kids to play.

What you’ll need to hack a FJELLSE trundle bed:



Assemble the 2 headboards and set aside. You’ll come back to it later.

Next, you need to resize the length of the second bed rails to fit beneath the top FJELLSE bed. It should be long enough the contain your mattress, yet short enough to slot under easily. Join the two bed rails together with the two leftover pieces of the footboard.

Then, shorten the wood slats of the second bed too, so the trundle bed fits neatly beneath the top bunk. Secure the wood slats to the bed rails.

Once your trundle is done, you can move on to the top bunk.

Trundle bed from 2 FJELLSE beds | IKEAHackers

You’ll need to measure how high the top bed should be from the floor, making space for the trundle and mattress to slide in.

Mark the new placement and drill new screw holes for the FJELLSE hardware. Then attach the headboards, one at the bed head and the other at the end.

Place the FJELLSE wood slats on the top bunk. Slot in your trundle bed and you’re done.

Trundle bed from 2 FJELLSE beds | IKEAHackers

You may want to attach felt furniture sliders to the underside of the trundle bed.

~ by Vanessa

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professional upholstered FJELLSE bed

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#3 FJELLSE and MALM platform bed

MALM and FJELLSE platform bed

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Community Spirit! Using your local community to help sell your home

When it comes to spreading the word about your home, sometimes mainstream marketing doesn’t do enough to find that perfect buyer for your house. The spoken word is sometimes overlooked when it comes to home-selling, when it is in fact a very useful and expedient tool. We aren’t talking about the words that drift from your estate agents mouth, but your own. In the surrounding area, use tools at your own disposal for marketing your house on your own time. We’re talking about the local community; one of the most powerful promotion tools you can operate.

The majority of people who will be interested in your home will be local, and by following our suggested ideas below, your home will become a topic of great interest in no time.

Neighbours – While some of them will be your best friends, and some will be nosy, their penchant for news is useful when spreading the word about your home. They may have seen the For Sale sign, but drop a word by them that if they know of anyone who is looking, to please recommend. Just like the ingenious creativity of social media networking (read more here), networking among people can open a thousand potential doors. Once a neighbour tells their friends at work, half a dozen of them mention it to potential buyer friends and so on…

Local churches and meeting houses – If you attend church, the majority have a bulletin board where anyone can advertise anything of interest. By placing an advert here (and ensuring it is appealing to the eye), you’re drawing an immediate crowd of several dozen eyes a day. Even if they aren’t looking for a property, a recommendation to a friend or family member will likely follow. A good idea would be to add cut-offs at the bottom of the advert for people to take with them. Add your contact details and possibly an estate agent reference, and you’ll love how eager people will become.

Supermarkets – All supermarkets have notice boards, and most allow you to place an advert for free for up to a month. Many eyes grace these types of boards throughout the day; by placing an advert similar to the one above, you’re directly advertising to the local area. If you really want to see how far your free advertising can stretch, ask a manager if an advert can be placed in the staffroom too. Why not appeal to as many people as you can!

Local school newsletters – If you have children who attend the local school, ask the secretary or head teacher if you can place a small advert on the newsletter that goes out to parents. Add any details to your advert that will appeal to parents, such as close locality to the school, a real ‘family home’, and any other amenities that will draw interest. Put your name on here, and parents who know you will recognise your name.

Your own workplace – It goes without saying that you should be advertising your home where you work. Even if you don’t know everyone in the building, by telling a few people that you’re selling up, word will quickly spread. Take advantage of staff newsletters and bulletin boards, and even advertise your home for sale via the footer on your email (with a link to the estate agents website).

By following such simple and unique ideas within your own community, you immediately have remarkable and free marketing tools at your disposal. Networking is a powerful tool, and by using it correctly, your home will be sold in no time.

If you’d like my help to sell your home more effectively, please answer a few short questions here and if I think I can help you, I’ll be in touch

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