How to Gain More Reviews for Your Trade Business

More often than not, businesses disregard the enormous potential of customer reviews and testimonials for their online presence. There’s also a common misunderstanding that nobody reads reviews online, which is just not true – Just check out these statistics:


Having reviews is crucial! Reviews has its benefits with SEO and can help your website rank higher in Google search results due to the great reviews you’ve received. It even has its benefits for your website in general; such as helping a potential customer / website visitor to trust your business and the services you offer because they can read what your previous customers have said. As you can see, customer reviews and testimonials are great, but how do we gain more? Our three step approach is simple, time-efficient and impactful!

Simply Ask

Firstly, take a look at your customer database. It’s probably best that you create a list of your most recent customers for relevancy and fresh reviews. Once you’ve compiled this list, simply get in touch and ask them to leave a review or testimonial on your website and social media profiles. This could be a website we have made you, here at Expert Trades; which allows your customers to leave reviews straight through your website – It’s as simple as that! This approach probably works best when dealing with customers face-to-face or after an invoice.


How to Gain More Reviews for Your Trade Business to generate more leads and potential customers







Engage on Facebook

Social media is a great platform for communication with friends, family and even customers, believe it or not! Whilst the majority of us use it stay connected with the people closest to us, Facebook allows reviews to be submitted to business pages. Facebook in general has so many benefits for businesses to reach their potential customers; to build incredible brand loyalty and lower your marketing expenses. But above all, ensuring customers are leaving tons of reviews is even more important. The best way to go about this is to encourage customers to communicate via Facebook and drop them a message after you’ve finished the work to leave a review; if you don’t ask, you don’t get. On top of this, having a Facebook page simply provides a space on the social media platform for customers to leave reviews with prompting them to do so. Get on Facebook, set up your business page and start reeling in the reviews!

Third-Party Review Websites

Having reviews and testimonials in different places across the internet is a great way to keep your exposure and discoverability fresh. If you limit your reviews to just your website then there’s a fair chance only a limited amount of people are going to see it. However, if you’re in multiple website results then people are bound to find you more often!

Some of these steps should most definitely increase the amount of reviews your trade business has online. However, the most powerful key of these steps is to simply ask, which fundamentally applies to all three of the above steps. So many businesses don’t tend to ask for feedback, reviews and testimonials, but by implementing these steps, your online presence should have five star ratings in no time.


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