Triple POÄNG – The astonishing cat resistant sofa

The missing link in IKEA’s range. Why? We inherited a cat that shredded our furniture, apart from a 20-year-old IKEA POÄNG armchair, with no cat resistant seating products on the market, we decided to buy 2 additional POÄNG armchairs, we went for the new range that come with a blue/grey wash on the woodwork and a hideous faded yellow seat support (that shows when the chairs are sat upon).

Upon the success of the chairs (cat resistant) and re-visiting IKEA, we were dismayed to find that no matching sofas were available and that led me to this IKEA hacking site where I saw the previously modified, 2-seater (POÄNG2). Personally, I didn’t like the shock absorber addition or the fact that that the front cross members were set behind the chair legs, that led me to give it a go.

IKEA Items Used:
  • 3 x POÄNG armchairs
  • 3 x Seat covers

POÄNG chair |

Other Materials Used:
  • 12 x 6mm roofing bolts (50mm length) zinc finish with a domed head
  • 12 x 6mm captive nuts (photo)
  • Liquid Nails (bonding agent)
  • 1M of 10mm threaded rod cut into 4 sections
  • 3 pieces of a sacrificial table cloth (optional)
  • 4 x wall plugs (optional)


Tools Used:

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