What is an SSL Certificate & Why Do You Need it?

“SSL” is short for Secure Sockets Layer. Simply put, it adds the “s” at the end of “HTTP” at the start of a URL, turning it into HTTPS://, exactly like this: https://www.experttrades.com/websitepackage/.

In layman’s terms, the addition of an SSL to a website creates a safe connection between a website and a website’s visitor. It helps better protect personal details like contact information, card details etc. when inputted into a site and it helps build trust between a businesses’ website and the customer. 

You’ve likely heard lots about “SSL” recently given Google’s recent changes and the various benefits of installing it, so we’ve outlined the relevant benefits for trades below…

History of the SSL

HTTP is an old protocol for communication between a website and a website visitor. HTTP worked fine for a while, but with advancements in technology in recent years (and the number of hackers!), HTTP is no longer as secure as it used to be. That means that anyone who knows how can eavesdrop on the connection and easily steal/manipulate any data that is inputted into the site.

SSL certificate for tradesmen websitesIn short, the addition of an SSL helps secure the connection and ensures that any data sent from a website visitor to a HTTPS website is encrypted and safe. This in turn also helps trades make steps towards becoming more GDPR compliant through the protection of personal data.

What are the benefits of installing an SSL?

The addition of an SSL certificate to a website does slightly more than add an “s” at the end of HTTP://. It also allows for the following benefits…

Build trust with your customers

We mentioned Google’s changes earlier, but in short, Google have changed the way HTTP website’s appear on the platform. As shown on the image below, HTTP website’s now show as “Not secure” next to the web address, which obviously impacts the trust between your business and your customers.

It’s likely that Google will start featuring this non-secure icon in the search results, eventually impacting the number of customers that click onto a HTTP website in general.

SEO SSL customer perspective

Increase conversions

Studies have found that HTTPS websites are better for converting customers (likely because of Google’s recent changes to the non-secure icon). For example, a study by Symantec found that there was an increase of up to 87% across both eCommerce and lead generation websites.

In short, add an SSL certificate to your website and potentially win more work!

Improve website SEO

The big one, SEO. Google has quite bluntly came out and stated that websites with an SSL will feature more prominently towards the top end of search results, whilst at the same time diminishing the rankings of those websites without an SSL.

That’s not to say that adding an SSL to your website will have an instant impact and will increase your website to position 1 on Google for all keywords, but over time it will have a gradual impact.

Take advantage of website plugins

You might or might not be aware, but Facebook are trialling Facebook Messenger on websites (see image below in the bottom right hand corner).

The messenger app links directly to your Facebook Business Page and allows for instant messaging between your business and your customers via Messenger. Unfortunately however, the Facebook Messenger plugin is not available for HTTP websites, only HTTPS websites.

Installing an SSL to your website allows instant communication between you and your customers, hopefully allowing you to close leads in an instant.

This isn’t the only plugin that you can add to your website, an SSL allows for the addition of many more plugins and opens the door for many potential future updates to the Website Package.

SSL certificate - Facebook MessengerSSL - Facebook Messenger






Closing comments & secure websites by Expert Trades

Whilst there are many more benefits of installing an SSL to a website, Google’s recent (and future) changes to how HTTP websites feature on Google highlights just how important SSL certificates are for trade websites. Get yourself a secure website and start winning more work online with a secure website by Expert Trades and get ahead of the game.

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