Website Package Updates: September 2018

We are excited to announce another round of updates to the website package; new features, styling improvements and bug fixes. Here’s what’s changed…

Reviews counter

We wanted to better highlight the great work that you do for your customers, so we’ve added a small, but high impact touch to the reviews section on websites; a reviews counter (as seen below).

The star rating will adjust to the average rating given by your customers and will automatically update, no matter whether the reviews have been transferred from Facebook, Google or whether they’ve been added by customers themselves on the site.

The reviews counter is visible on the homepage and the reviews landing page too.


Website package updates for tradesmen

Blog sidebar

Similar to the update we released to service pages a couple months back, we’ve added a sidebar to blog pages. Whilst customers are checking out your latest top tips, we’re hoping the mini contact form on the side should prompt them to get in touch.

Additionally, the links to other blogs on the website will help improve link structure and general SEO of the site.


Blog sidebar - websites for tradesmen

Sticky sidebar

In addition to adding the sidebar to the blog pages, we’ve also changed the way the sidebar works (on both blog pages and service pages); we’ve made it stick! When customers scroll down the page on desktop, the sidebar (namely the contact form) will move with the page, hopefully serving as a gentle reminder for customers to get in touch!

Icon box hover effect

We’ve added some small styling improvements to the website to help improve its appeal. When hovering over the icon boxes on the about-us section, the colour of the icons will reverse.


Hover effect - websites for tradesmen

Bug fixes

We’ve also noticed and fixed a couple of bugs:

  • Fixed an issue where star reviews on the homepage appeared backwards
  • Fixed an issue where team photos looked distorted on mobile/tablet
  • Fixed an issue where the font and the font colour on bullet points on blog posts appeared different to the rest of the text
  • Fixed an issue where the font on the homepage offers section appeared different to the text on the rest of the page
  • Fixed an issue where a gap appeared on the reviews page when some reviews were larger than others

Any feedback for us? Get in touch

All of these changes will come in automatically for all website customers, so there’s nothing left you to do! As usual though, if you have feedback for us regarding the updates, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Likewise if you have any ideas for new features!

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