Dog crate system housed in desks

We made this dog crate system for our 2 beagles, constructed entirely from IKEA items. We scored 2 IKEA Malm desks that were marked down (minor blemishes) at IKEA As-Is.

ikea malm desk - dog crate hack

MALM desk |

One of them remained the way it was supposed to be. We just added some additional holes on the bottom of the “feet”. Then we took the desktop of the second desk and one of the side elements and fixed them on top and in the middle, as a divider. Basically, we drilled some holes, used the wooden pegs that came with the desk and used them to fix it on top.

We didn’t even have to buy additional screws, everything was already there <img src="×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="

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