Zircon Leak Alert WiFi

Leak Alert Wifi by Zircon Offers You Its Protection

The Leak Alert Wifi is a dandy little alarm.

Powered by a lithium battery, the device sits and waits for water to leak. When the water contacts the alarm, it sends you an email.

The email tells you exactly where the alarm is going off.

Floats In A Flood – Sounds 105 dB alarm and blinks SOS

If you have a severe flood because lots of water is entering your home, the Leak Alert Wifi floats.

It will continue to sound its 105 dB tone and the flashing red light warns you of water hazards.

You can install one of these little alarms anywhere in your home you think water can be an issue. You name each one differently so when you get the email, you know where the leak is happening.

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Bathroom Vent Fan Condensation Leak – Allow Leak Alert Wifi to Guard You

CLICK HERE to purchase one, or more, of these WiFi alarms.

leak alert wifi

CLICK THE IMAGE to order one of these handy alarms.

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