April 13, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had an early lunch with Alain Stanislas who’s the New England architectural rep for Cosella Dorken. Here we are after satisfying our palates at the Route 104 Diner in New Hampton, NH.

Diner Food Creates Gas CLICK HERE

Cosella Dorken happens to manufacture some of the best foundation waterproofing products, amazing under-slab vapor barriers, and the most innovative house wrap I’ve seen in my career. Click Here to get a peek.

You’ll be hearing much more about these great products in this newsletter in the coming months.

Spring has been slow to show up here in central New Hampshire and it was a warmish day with the temperature clawing its way above 50 F. I decided to take the afternoon off after starting work at 6 am. The first three days of the week, I had already logged about 35 hours of work so I felt I deserved a break.

I had also closed a deal on Wednesday afternoon for my first New Product podcast, but that’s a story for you on another day.

After parting ways with Alain, I did some outdoor amateur radio with my good friend Jim at Livermore Falls along the Pemigewasset River. It’s a gorgeous spot.

Just to my left is a steep drop off that goes down about 80 feet to the river. I was a tad nervous in this photo.

Orange Man at Livermore Falls

The iron structure in the right corner of the photo is an old roadway bridge that used to cross the river. You can see a better photo of it at this page of my ham radio blog.

Plymouth State College kids jump from the bridge into the water. There’s also a rope swing hanging from the bridge.

Each year someone gets hurt or gets their ticket punched for an early ride up to Heaven. You’ll see why if you click that above link. Wait until you see how high this bridge is over the water.

Gas Can Survey

Can you do me a huge favor? Would you takes 45 seconds, or less, and answer three simple questions about the ubiquitous gas can that you own?

CLICK HERE to take the simple survey. After you take it, SCROLL to the top, and CLICK THE LINK to see the results from others. They may surprise you!

Revised Columns For You

I was pretty busy this past week doing all sorts of things.

One was revising some old columns. You might find a few quite fascinating. They all contain one, or more, great videos:

EIFS – Hidden Wood Rot and Mold at Your Home?????

Vinyl Fencing Can Save You LOTS Of Paint & Stain

Blacktop Crack Filler – Disguise Cracks & FOOL Your Neighbors!

Homeowner Phone Calls

Did you know I call folks like you on the phone to solve problems? The calls are FREE. Each one sends me photos so I can help solve the problem FAST.

CLICK HERE to see the photos and to listen to the phone calls.

The first call was about Sarah’s house. It has a built-in Death Ray. No kidding!

Mine does too as I found out yesterday in my own back yard!!!!

Sarah’s Death Ray is MELTING her neighbor’s vinyl siding.

The second call was to Steve. I solved a leak in his shower. That was pretty easy.

Pam was my third call. She has mystery deposits on her California garage floor. Wait until you hear what my solution was.

I then shared a story about me and gasoline. WHOOSH!

CLICK HERE to listen to the calls and to read the gasoline story.

That’s enough for a Friday morning. I’ll have a quick blast for you probably on Sunday. I’ll be getting you ready for some outdoor cleaning projects.

Tim Carter

Founder – www.AsktheBuilder.com

Captain Outdoor Adventure Man – www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

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