March 28, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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I happen to be in Southwest Harbor, Maine right now. My oldest daughter Meghan and her husband are about to fulfill a dream.

They’ve wanted to move here for nearly ten years and are days away from buying a building lot.

What does this mean for you? More than you can ever imagine.

I’m helping them through the new-home building process and the end result will be a vast series of small downloadable PDF files that share with you the BEST products / methods for each step of the building process.​​​​​​​

I’ll list: Good – Better – BEST so you have choices. I’ll also list the major pitfalls to help you avoid nightmares.

I’m starting the first one next week:

Best Foundation

Watch for these as they become available.

Metal Kitchen Backsplashes

I’m staying at a house while here in Southwest Harbor. The rental has a spacious kitchen with a metal backsplash.

metal backsplash

I’m VERY INTERESTED in how you feel about this material. I’ve got all sorts of great photos of the system in a new article I just uploaded to my website.

Would you consider doing me a favor? Would you go look at the photos and check out the Pros and Cons lists?

CLICK HERE to see all the photos.

Then would you scroll down and LEAVE A COMMENT as to how you feel about this backsplash material?

Remember, I moderate all comments so your comment won’t appear until I approve it. Just submit it and believe me it will show up within hours or later tonight when I’m back at my laptop.

On-Demand Ask the Builder Show

Do you want to get ADDITIONAL FREE TIPS from me?

You can by just listening to my new on-demand radio show.

CLICK HERE to *hear* all of them. They’re FREE and you can listen right on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

On my latest show I shared a somewhat funny story about my FIRST job where I was a general contractor. I do have a transcript of the story in case you want to read it instead of hearing me tell the story. CLICK HERE for it.

Time for breakfast and then off to a meeting with a local builder Meghan and Brent are considering.

Have a great day.

Tim Carter

Founder –

Do It Right, Not Over!

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