Beauty bar for less than 40 quid. No hacking required.

This is not a ‘hack’ as such, more of a change of item description! I have created a beauty bar within my bedroom using a selection of IKEA products.

On the right of the dressing table is the IKEA TROFAST drawer set, which can be found in the children’s section. You can choose a selection of shallow or deep drawers to fit your beauty products.

Just below the table is the IKEA SUNNERSTA containers with the SUNNERSTA rail, which I picked up from the kitchen section. This combination is a fab way of storing and organising my makeup, hair brushes, etc.

Beauty bar for less than 40 quid

And what makes it even better is the rail was £1.50 and the containers were 50p. The TROFAST unit was £25 and the drawers were £1.50 for the small ones and £3 for the deep one.

Total £37.50 for complete beauty bar and storage! I am incredibly happy with it.

Beauty bar for less than 40 quid

~ Emma Hazell, Hertfordshire UK

You may also be interested in these beauty bar hacks

#1 GRUNDTAL rails to the rescue

Grundtal beauty bar

Squeeze a beauty bar into a tiny room with vertical storage. This idea uses the GRUNDTAL rail as the solution. Just hang all your beauty tools off it. Add a drop leaf table below should you need more “workspace”. See more.

#2 BESTÅ BURS as a slim makeup table

slim makeup tableIf you do not have space for a traditional vanity this is just right for you. Mount the shallow BESTÅ BURS to the wall below a mirror. The depth is perfect for makeup storage and is narrow enough to fit into a small bedroom. Get the details.

#3 Modern makeup table with lots of storage

modern makeup table

Need a makeup table that’s shallow yet provides storage? You’re looking at it. This uses 2 EKBY ALEX drawers combined with metal legs. Love how very modern and classy this is. See the tutorial.


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