KALLAX Wooden Playhouse: Kids Adventure Castle

I just finished the following project adding a wooden playhouse on top of two IKEA KALLAX shelving units. The idea was to use the IKEA KALLAX (two KALLAX units of 24) as part of a kid’s playhouse with an upper deck and sleeping area below, if required. I wanted the the kids to be able to use the boxes from two sides.

The first step was to build the main construction that holds all the rest. It’s made out of stable wooden beams. Measure and cut all the beams to the right lengths.

Material for KALLAX Wooden Playhouse

Cut the wooden boards to size for the floorboards and wall panels.

Cut the wooden boards to size

Stain (here’s a kid safe version) the wooden beams and boards before construction. Attach the beams securely to wall.

Construction of the wooden playhouse

The floor of the loft was fixed at a height that matches the highest row of shelves on the KALLAX. This now serves as a seating bench and also to store stuff on the upper deck.

Front of the wooden playhouse with KALLAX units for storage

KALLAX top row as seating bench in the upper deck.

Seating at the upperdeck of the wooden playhouse

The window-protection is from an old metallic shelf I salvaged.

DIY KALLAX wooden playhouse

DIY KALLAX wooden playhouse

~ by Mathias

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