June 6, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

It’s June 6th. Two years ago on this day, I was laboring up on my roof in 90+ F heat. The summer of 2015 would turn out to be a wretched HOT season.

I just got back up from letting Lady the dog inside. It’s COLD outside and raining!

49 F Are you kidding me?

My boiler might come on before noon!!!

Bermuda Meet Up

Well, the Bermuda Meet Up is happening! Jamie reached out to me and we’re going to meet for lunch or an ice cream while I’m in Bermuda.

Do you want to join us? I’ll be there from Sunday, June 25th until Tuesday, June 27th.

I got my temporary radio license from Bermuda yesterday so I’ll be transmitting from the island all three days as:


What a thrill it will be to make radio contacts from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

Do you live in Bermuda? Do you want to go on the cruise with me to Bermuda? Contact me ASAP!!

Keter Portable Work Table

I started testing a new portable work table over the weekend.

I think I’ve finally found one that’s:

  • affordable
  • strong
  • easy to store and set up
  • and more

I’ve had other work tables in the past that are heavy, they’re HARD to set up, and they don’t have all the features this one has.

Just a few months ago, I tested one that when set up it wasn’t even level! No way was I going to even mention this one to you. It was a POC.

Remember Will Smith saying that about the car in Men in Black? Bwhahahahahahahaah!

Keter engineers did a magnificent job creating this portable work table.

I love the clamps that come with it.

I love the lower storage platform for setting glue and other parts as you work on something.

I LOVE how BIG the top surface is.

You’ll NOT BE DISAPPOINTED with this portable work table.

CLICK HERE to see more photos and to have it delivered to your home ASAP.

Meghan Carter Update

Every now and then, you may be one that asks about my oldest daughter Meghan.

You can see her skills and magic in many videos on YouTube. Here’s one where we used the same set to tape similar videos:

CLICK HERE if you want to watch the video of her transforming that kitchen cabinet.

WARNING: It’s normal for a father to dote on his daughter.

I’ve really got some astonishing news for you about what she’s been doing the past few years.

She and her husband Brent got married five years ago and while on their honeymoon in Croatia, they decided to go a different direction.

Meghan has always been artistically talented. At an early age, her drawings would amaze me as well as her constant pursuit of perfection.

If you saw how she wraps presents, sets the table for a party, or decorates anything, you’d be stunned.

She and Brent decided to transform Ask the Decorator into decorating you or your loved one.

Meghan decided to go into custom jewelry design.

For the past five years, she’s done homework, laid the foundation and done all that’s necessary to design and manufacture the absolute best gold and diamond jewelry that’s available. The inspiration and story can be traced back to things they saw in Croatia.

Here’s one of Meghan’s drawings that’s the first step one needs to do to start the manufacturing process. Meghan drew the following by hand, not on some computer CAD program:

The large circles are where diamonds go. The small circles are the prongs that hold the diamonds in place. Everywhere else is 18K gold made in California.

The diamonds aren’t just any diamonds. They’re the hardest ones in the world and come from a special mine in Australia.

There’s lots of controversy about the source of diamonds across the world and who and what gets harmed mining and refining them. Meghan’s diamonds are free of all this human and environmental cost and agony.

Some diamonds say they’re conflict-free, but they only tell half the story. She’ll tell you the whole story about how no one was harmed with her diamonds. Remember always:

A half truth is a whole lie.

I’m sharing this because she and Brent are just days away from launching this custom jewelry business. I told her that I knew for a fact you’d be interested in knowing about it.

Why would you be interested in jewelry?

You may be one of my subscribers who routinely emails me asking about all sorts of unique products that are top quality.

I’ve seen some of the prototype pieces Meghan and Brent are making and the one you see above in the drawing TOOK MY BREATH AWAY.

And I’m NOT a jewelry guy!!

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a stunning addition to your jewelry box or a gift that will dazzle that special someone in your life, just wait until I can share Meghan and Brent’s new website. WOW!

Paying a Contractor In Advance

Yesterday, Marie from Massachusetts emailed me. She was none too happy.

You’ll read her email in a moment.

But before we go there, I know I have quite a few contractors who are subscribers to this newsletter.

Money is always a touchy subject.

If you’re a contractor, I’d like you to read the following column, think about it for a little bit and then write a comment BELOW the column telling your side of the story.

I already know there are wicked homeowners out there that love to not pay. It happened to me once. That’s not what this is about. I don’t need to hear stories about these loathsome individuals.

If you’re a contractor, just make a case why you really feel you need money in advance on a job that does NOT have custom materials involved.

I posted the publication of this column on Facebook about an hour ago, and my bricklayer I used on my jobs in Cincinnati, OH commented within minutes after reading it. BTW, he’s the BEST bricklayer and mason I’m aware of in the Greater Cincinnati, OH area.

Here’s what John Hoeh said:

“As a contractor, I’ve always believed I will make you happy to pay me!! Have never asked for a dime up front. Great advice as usual Tim!”

CLICK HERE to read the column. If you’re a homeowner and have feelings or a story to tell, leave a COMMENT as well!

Revised Columns For You

Here’s a list of recently revised columns. I think many will HELP YOU.

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Brick Wall Leakage REPAIR

How To Drill Through Steel – GREAT LINK to BEST drill bits here!!!!

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Whole House & Attic Fans – Which is the BEST?????

That’s enough for today.

I’ll be back on Friday for sure.

Tim Carter

Founder – http://www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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