9 Ingenious IKEA Hacks to Maximise Shoe Storage

As much as we love to have a variety of shoes to choose from, storing all of them can be a mighty big challenge – especially if yours aren’t the only feet in the home.

You want shoe storage that’s easy to access and a breeze to clean, but you also want it to look nice and blend seamlessly with your aesthetic. Fortunately, our beloved IKEA has plenty to offer in the way of hacks that’ll maximise your shoe storage stylishly and effectively.

Check out our favorite IKEA shoe storage hacks below.

#1Tjusig Welly Rack

This hack is perfect for shoes like wellies, snow boots, and other kicks that have a tendency to track a ton of dirt through the house. It’s a breeze to execute and will provide an ultra-tidy place for your shoes to air out and dry off.

#2Wall Mounted Shoe Organizer


This wall mounted shoe organizer system shows how to keep shoes on the wall and off the floor, saving you tons of floor space. Besides, lining them up on the wall makes it so easy to pick the right pair to go with your outfit. Rails for heels and boxes for flats.

#3Faktum Entryway Storage

kitchen cabinet to shoe storage

Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of us, it’s just a matter of looking at things from another perspective. Here, the FAKTUM cabinet is flipped on its side and transformed into abundant custom shoe storage. You could also achieve the same with the SEKTION or METOD kitchen cabinets.

#4TV Stand into Storage Bench


This idea is as stylish as it is effective, and it will work with a number of different IKEA television stands. It takes a bit of time to achieve, but once you’re done you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

#5Albert and Gorm Wardrobe and Shoe Storage


Rather than separate your shoes from your clothes, keep your space as neat as can be by combining the two with this wardrobe and shoe storage hack. It’ll instantly declutter any space it’s a part of.

#6Expedit/ Kallax Shoe Display

If you love to look at your shoes even more than you like to wear them, then this is the hack for you. It’ll store your shoes while displaying them beautifully, making it perfect for the stylish shoe enthusiast.

#7Billy Bedside Table and Shoe Storage


Not only will this idea maximise the shoe storage you’re working with, but it’ll provide you with extra surface area, too. Add it to your bedside for a perfect 2-in-1 shoe storage solution.

#8Twinned Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Twinned HEMNES shoe cabinet

Love the look of the ever-popular Hemnes shoe cabinet but don’t think it has the capacity to store all of your shoes? Then double it up with this hack to make the most of your space.

#9Rationell Variera Shoe Organizer

Wall mounted shoe organiser tree

This organizer will display your favorite shoes so perfectly that no one will guess it was made for potholders. Plus, there’s no hammering, gluing, or sanding involved.

Want more ingenious IKEA shoe storage hacks?

Browse ourshoe storage category for plenty more!

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