The rental market continues to be stable with growth moving away from the capital

Rents in London fall for fifth successive month.

Wales and the East of England show fastestgrowth.

Average rent across England and Wales stands at 804.

Typical yield of 4.4% in April.

This month Your Move is reporting that average rents in England and Wales in April stood at 804 with Wales and the East of England showing the fastest growth and rents in London falling for the fifth month in succession.

In Wales prices grew 8.5% over the year and in the East of England 6.1% reaching, on average, 602 and 876 per month respectively. In contrast London saw rents fall 1.8% over the year and now stand at 1.273.

Valerie Bannister, Lettings Director for Your Move commented:

“Recent years have been characterised by rapidly rising rents in London, with the capital steaming ahead of the rest of the country. That’s no longer the case as prices in London re trending downwards while the rest of the country slowly catches up.

“Yet falling rents in London should be seen in a wider economic context, with uncertainty caused by the snap general election and the upcoming Brexit negotiations forcing the capital’s property market to take a pause for breath.”

To see the full report, simply visit our Media Centre at:


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