April 25, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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Spring is here in central New Hampshire. It’s a long time coming to the Northeast for the most part.

When it finally decides to stick around, it makes up for lost time. Perhaps the best part is what I call the second fall.

CLICK HERE to see a bunch of fall color photos I took on the day of peak color last October.

In the spring, the deciduous trees treat us again with eye candy. There are multiple shades of green as the leaves mature.

I’m talking VIBRANT shades of green. Not one or two, but several. It’s stunning and very hard to capture with a camera. The leaves will be in their spring glory in about three weeks.

Snow Be Gone WINNER!

A few months ago, I asked you to have some fun and play my Snow-Be-Gone 2017 Contest. You may have been one of the 200+ people who decided to see if you’d be the proud winner of a 4.5-pound container of my certified organic Stain Solver oxygen bleach.

Here’s what the snow pile looked like the last week of March, 2017.

That pile above is just under six-feet tall and the highest part of the pile was in the shade all the time.

We had some warm days in early April and quite a bit of rain.

Last Friday night, April 21, 2017, I took the below photo. The red arrow points to the tiny spot of snow remaining. It was just starting to rain and by 9 p.m. it was all gone.

You may be one of the five contestants that picked April 21st. I used the random number generator at random.org to pick the winner.

Jay Kenty of nearby Wolfboro, NH is the winner! Congratulations Jay!

If you didn’t win, don’t fret. More games are coming your way and thank you for playing.

Coast FDX302 Knife Review

I just tested the Coast FDX302 pocketknife. It’s a little dandy.

Are you sitting down? It costs LESS than $20!!!

This knife really surprised me.

I was convinced I’d have a ho-hum feeling about it.

CLICK HERE to see what I thought of this knife I’m quite sure will be in your pocket in about a week.

My Master Bath Remodel

On Saturday I started to remodel my own master bathroom.

The biggest part of the job is installing a new American Standard acrylic shower unit.

I ripped out the old ceramic tile corner shower over the weekend.

Today I’m installing the American Standard faucet and the shower base.

Today’s Tip is about the shower base.

Frequently rookie DIYrs and bad contractors install the acrylic base units WRONG.

The instructions that come with most acrylic tubs and showers – not all of them! – clearly show that the units must be installed in a wet bed of a solid compound that will FILL THE VOID SPACE under the acrylic.

If you skip this important step, the bottom will flex and oil can when you stand in the shower. Eventually the bottom will crack and leak.

I happen to like to use dry-setting joint compound for this job. USG has one that sets up in 90 minutes and that’s plenty of time to mix the material with water, set the base and have the material squish around under the unit filling all the void spaces.

CLICK HERE to see the Durabond 90.

Are you thinking of remodeling your bathroom? How would you like to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local bathroom remodeling contractors???

CLICK HERE to get the FREE & FAST BIDS now.

Roofing Ripoff Paperback Book

I believe I’m about two weeks away from having my Roofing Ripoff book ready as a paperback.


It’s going to be GORGEOUS. Sheridan Stancliff is a professional book designer that’s working on this aspect of my book. She’s doing an amazing job on the interior of the book.

Mary Beth Wilker, the wife of my close friend Nick Motz, did the front and back cover. Mary Beth is also a close friend too!

CLICK HERE to see what the book is all about.

Over the past two weeks, the sales of the PDF and Kindle versions have been STRONG. CLICK HERE to order one of these versions NOW.

Less than two weeks ago, I shared a conversation I had with my wife Kathy and she asked me if I was happy with the sales of the book in the first 36 hours.

My response was, “Not really.” Just because I wasn’t happy didn’t mean it wasn’t selling well!!!

The number of sales required to make me happy may be much larger than what would make some other publisher happy. Get it? Insert smiley face.

You may have contacted me with great feedback. I received COUNTLESS emails about what I could do to boost sales of the book.

Guess what the common message was in each and every suggestion? I was taken aback.

“Tim, reading an entire book is HARD.”

You may have been one that asked for a condensed version because you don’t want to slog through my long-winded adventure.

It’s too expensive to offer this condensed version in a paperback, so I’m only going to offer it as a PDF file you can download.

You may have emailed me saying you have NO INTEREST IN THE BOOK and you just want me to cut to the chase and tell you HOW TO SAVE your asphalt shingle roof.

Yes, I made a discovery how you can extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof by decades. It works for any new asphalt roof or one that’s showing no curling or granule loss.

I’m going to do that too, but not just yet. Hang in there.

FREE Basic New Home Quality Control Checklist

CLICK HERE to see a very basic quality checklist if you’re about to build a new home or do a major room addition.

That’s enough for today.

Have questions? Ask me.

Tim Carter

Founder – http://www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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