Stunning Nautical Ikea Rast Hack for the Beach House Lover

Stunning Nautical Ikea Rast Hack for the Beach House Lover

IKEA items used: Ikea Rast

I recently decorated my sons nursery from a boring plain room into a cute nautical themed bedroom.

I was on the hunt for beautiful nautical pieces to put in his bedroom but I struggled to find anything I loved. I do love nautical rooms but sometimes they can be a bit tacky and this I did not want.

This hack was fairly simple but the images on the finished piece was the most time consuming process. Well worth the end result though!

I used old pieces of palette wood I had laying around in my garage to cover the top of the Ikea Rast and I also used a small piece at the bottom of the Rast under the last drawer. I used wood glue and nailed it all together.

Adding a topper to the RAST chest The additional plinth

I sanded it all back to make sure none of the palette wood was sharp as it was for my very young son.

I used white paint to paint the entire unit. I did two coats.

Two coats of paint

Once it was dry I printed out ocean creature images I wanted to use and created an image transfer using paint.

Basically all you do it cover the entire surface with a generous amount of white paint. I used chalk style paint. Then place your images on the wet paint. Images side down. Allow it to dry for 24-48 hours. Once it is dry grab a damp cloth and start rubbing the paper until the paper has been removed and you are left with the image on the paint. This is a time consuming technique when doing large pieces of furniture but it is worth the end result.

Image transfer technique using paint on furniture



Here is a link to the actual technique used.

Once you have successfully transferred your images you seal your paint with whatever product the paint company you use recommends.

I love this piece. It’s unique and adds an original touch to his bedroom.


See full tutorial here.

~ by Maria

Stunning Nautical Ikea Rast Hack for the Beach House Lover

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