April 19, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I spent Easter weekend in New Orleans with five friends on a little man self-discovery trip. That’s what Kathy calls adventures like this.

Dan, a very good friend of mine, invited five of us to the iconic city. He pays for everything except beignets and other consumable caloric things that might pass through one’s lips.

He’s very generous and we had a great time, although I didn’t have one beignet as those were all consumed between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m.

I’m pretty bitter about that.

New Orleans is steeped in history, culture and funk. Walking through the French Quarter at night is an experience all its own.

We visited the newer WW II museum. That alone is worth the trip. WOW is all I can say. You could spend all day there.

One last thing. I flew home on Monday mid morning. While at the gate, the agent asked for a volunteer as the flight was overbooked.

No one made the move to the gate. After two minutes, he asked again.

I decided to go up and see what the offer was. I had NEVER BEFORE volunteered my seat. I figured if I got back home a few hours later, no big deal.

The first thing the agent said was, “Where’s your final destination?”

“New Hampshire – MHT”

He tapped away on his keyboard.

“Oh, we have to act fast. I can get you on a flight that’s boarding RIGHT NOW and you’ll get to NH 45 minutes FASTER. I’ll also give you a $500 voucher.”

Five minutes later, I was boarding a new aircraft.

Next time you’re flying and they ask for a volunteer, don’t ASSUME you’ll get to your destination LATER in the day or the next day!

Deck Cleaning Stain Solver SALE

April is a huge deck-cleaning month. You may clean other outdoor furniture, siding, boats, kayaks, etc.

After selling Stain Solver for 23 years, that’s how long Kathy and I have been doing it, we know the 4.5-pound size is often the PERFECT size for most decks and projects.

If you’re a new subscriber, Kathy and I own Stain Solver. It’s a certified organic multi-purpose oxygen bleach cleaner.

Moderate weather has arrived here in New Hampshire and I’m about to clean and reseal my outdoor teak table that we use on our deck.

Yes, I’m gong to tape a video showing how it’s done.

How about a quick FLASH SALE on the 4.5-pound size?

Actually, let’s do it for the 9.2 and 50-pound sizes too!

Stain Solver will clean ANYTHING OUTDOORS.

It makes regular treated lumber look NEW again. The only thing I’d not use it on would be a redwood deck.

It’s SAFE to use on:

  • Composite decking of any type
  • Teak furniture
  • Boats
  • Kayaks – removes mold and algae
  • Patios – removes algae and mold
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Pre-cleaner for siding before painting / staining
  • Boat cushions

Use this promo code to get 5% off and FREE SHIPPING to any of the lower 48 USA states.


The sale will END in just a week.

CLICK HERE to order now.

A Non-Tool Review

I get contacted at least once a month by inventors and tool companies asking me to share their new tool or product with you.

I decided LONG AGO to only feature the things I’d use in my home. Some other home improvement websites share everything no matter if it’s good or not.

However, I decided to make an exception this time.

I want you to look at a tool and wonder about what happens AFTER you use the tool.

What’s more, think about what you have to do before you can USE the tool.

The inventor of the following tool reached out to me about two months ago. I ALWAYS say, “Just send it and I’ll look at it. If it passes muster, I’ll see what I can do.

I don’t spend the time looking at what they’re talking about as often they don’t have great websites yet. It’s better to just get the tool or product and put it in your hands. Believe me, after doing this twenty-three years it’s the best way.

CLICK HERE to see what I was sent.

As soon as I opened the bubble-wrap envelope I shook my head and mumbled, “What in the world was this man thinking?

Here’s just part of what I’ve discovered over the years having you as a subscriber and listening to your feedback.

You want:

  • things that make a job EASIER, not harder
  • to SAVE money
  • a tool that adds value and is not disposable

About two weeks ago, the inventor contacted me and asked what I thought.

I responded, “I hate to say it but I’m about to use your tool as a teaching tool.

He was confused. I then told him:

“I can achieve the same results your tool proposes by just using a great caulk gun and cutting a very tiny hole in the tip of the caulk gun.

What’s more, I don’t have to throw everything away after using it.”

He pretty much agreed.

So what in the world was he thinking???? We’ll never know.

Bottom Line: Don’t think that every new tool is really going to help you. Some are just gimmicks.

If you want to get the caulk gun I have that will give you AMAZING CONTROL and allow you to caulk tiny cracks with no waste of caulk, CLICK HERE.

This gun has a 26:1 ratio. That means when you squeeze the handle a small amount of caulk comes out of the tip. It’s like driving a car in first gear.

You NEED this advantage when doing detail caulk work. This gun is worth EVERY PENNY.

CLICK THE IMAGE to have it delivered to your home.

New & Revised Columns

Remove Oil Spots From Concrete & Blacktop

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas / HACKS

Wood Deck Resurfacing IDEAS

That’s enough for today.

New subscriber?

Check out this: www.RoofingRipoff.com

Tim Carter

Founder – http://www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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