Fill Holes in Hardwood Floor

Fill Holes in Hardwood Floor TIPS

  • Color putty can work
  • Perfect match required to avoid polka-dot look
  • Consider using an oak dowel to create pegged-floor look as last resort
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Jane Belanger, who lives in Louisville, KY – just down the Ohio River from Skyline Chili, had good intentions when she took up some carpeting.

“What is the easiest way to fill in 1,500 screw holes in hardwood flooring?

I removed the wall-to-wall carpeting to  expose a nice hardwood floor except that someone had screwed 1500 screws into the flooring.

I removed all the screws (2″ each one) but now need to fill the holes. Any suggestions?”

Colored Wood Putty

Well, Jane, the easy answer is use wood putty, stain it and hope for the best. Here’s a kit that I’d try just to see what it looks like:

This is a simple kit that can be used to fill small holes in wood. Blend the color sticks to get the right color. CLICK THE IMAGE RIGHT NOW TO BUY THIS KIT.

But I’m afraid you’ll end up with a polka-dot floor that will look not so great.

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You’ll see the mono-color finish of the putty that will interrupt the natural colored oak grain lines.

Here’s a different type of color putty that might also work. You sometimes have to blend two different colors to get a perfect match.

This kit has a boatload of different putties. You should be able to get a great match using this kit. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO BUY THIS WONDERFUL MAGIC KIT.

Pegged-Floor Look?

The first thought I had was to take the time to plug each hole with a small length of oak dowel rod.

This would be time consuming, but the look would be much better. I assume you’ll have to get the floor refinished after all this.


CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local hardwood floor refinishers. Let them suggest what to do.

I would contact two different floor refinishers and see what they say.

I’d also try to plug about five of the holes with the oak dowel and see what it looks like before you make your decision.

The plugs just need to be about 3/8-inch long and you put a little glue around the edge before you tap it in.

Take the time to align the grain lines in the dowel with that you see in the flooring.

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