Healthiest Places to Live in the UK

When moving house, we often look for the places with the most jobs, that are most affluent, or are the most affordable. But where are the healthiest places to move to in the UK?

New research from ranked 31 towns and cities across the UK based on a variety of factors.

Their research looked at the number of gyms, McDonalds, swimming pools, sports clubs, parks and cycling routes per 100,000 people.

This article from Compare My Move reveals the healthiest places to live in the UK and why you should consider moving there.

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5. Plymouth

The harbour city of Plymouth creeps into the top five just ahead of Swansea. The southern seaside resort, which is famous for launching the Mayflower the America in 1620, has a population of more than 250,000.

The city makes the list primarily due to the number of cycle routes located across the area. Plymouth offers 153 cycle routes per 100,000 people in the city, making it one of the most cycle friendly cities on the list.

The city also has at least 10 swimming pools per 100,000 residents, which is about average across the whole list of the best and worst.

While weather does not contribute to the standing on the list, Plymouth is one of the most southerly cities in Britain, meaning residents receive more sunshine throughout the year than almost everywhere else in the UK.

4. Cardiff

Located on the south coast of Wales, the Welsh capital city of Wales steps up above Plymouth with more sports clubs and public parks than the English harbour city.

Cardiff has the same amount of swimming pools per 100k, but exceeds with 43 public parks, overtaking Plymouths 12 parks.

While Plymouth has more cycle routes than Cardiff, the Welsh capital has more sports clubs and shops per person, tipping it into the number four position.

3. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is only one of two Scottish locations to be researched, with Glasgow making the list at number 16 out of the 31 researched places.

The Scottish capital, which has a population of 464,990, is the second-best city for cycling, with 225 routes per 100,000 people living in Edinburgh. Cycling is the main contributor to Edinburgh’s high position as one of the healthiest places to move to in the UK.

The city has one more gym per 100,000 people in comparison to Plymouth and Cardiff, but less swimming pools, sports clubs, and less parks than Cardiff.

As the most northerly city to make the list, residents of Edinburgh are likely to receive less sunlight than other places in the UK, but air quality is a lot better than most other cities due to good urban planning and focus on cycling.

2. Nottingham

Nottingham may seem surprisingly high on the list, but with 23 gyms per 100,000 residents, the Midlands city far exceeds any other location based on this factor.

The city also has the second-most number of swimming pools on the list, just one behind Manchester with 19 pools.

While Nottingham has a good number of sporting facilities, the city lacks public parks and has a high number of MacDonald’s.

Overall, Nottingham makes the number two position for its good number of gyms, sports clubs and swimming pools, but may need to work on other factors to top the list as the healthiest place to move to in the UK.

1. Bristol

The south-west city of Bristol tops the list as the number one healthiest place to move to in the UK.

With more sports clubs and cycling routes per person than any other city on the list, Bristol is certainly an active city, voted the green capital of Europe for 2015.

Although Bristol offers surprisingly fewer public parks per person than some other places on the list, the city provides a good number of gyms and swimming pools alongside its cycling routes and sports clubs.

While Bristol is one of the rainiest places to live in the UK, it is also the healthiest base on research by, with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities available throughout the city.

Overall, cities across the UK seem to provide a good number of resources for a healthier Britain. While Bristol is leading the way in terms of providing cycle paths and cycle facilities, cities like Edinburgh and Plymouth are soon catching up.

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