The Best Blogs to Read Before You Move House

If you are taking your first steps on the property ladder, moving house, or simply want to keep up-to-date with property news, blogs are fantastic resources to keep yourself informed and inspire you with new ideas.

Our advice centre is full of guidelines to help you with every aspect of your move, but blogs are useful sources of information too.

Here are the best UK blogs for all your property needs, whether it is for moving, news, home improvement or finding out how to buy or sell a house.

 House Buy Fast

This website was founded in 2008, and is one of the largest and founding members of the National Association of Property Buyers in the UK. They want to help homeowners choose when and how to sell their house.

They promise to buy any house in any condition, using their cash funds at a time that suits you.

As experts in the property market, House Buy Fast can give predictions for 2017 and inform you of area pollution levels, or even give you DIY decoration ideas.

This blog is best for:

  • Sellers
  • Property market predictions
  • DIY ideas

This is Money

If you are looking into buying, selling, or simply want to stay notified on the goings on of the property industry, head to This is Money to found out everything you need to know.

With advice on mortgages, information on the North-South house price divide, and the general health of the property market, you will find all the information you need to know.

This blog is best for:

  • Mortgage advice
  • Information on house prices
  • The property market


Moving with children is never easy, and you might have some questions about what to do – what better place to look than Mumsnet?

The site has a wealth of advice written for parents by parents. You can post your own specific questions, or read through other posts that might relate to you and give you the information you need.

This blog is best for:

  • Advice on moving with children
  • General property advice

 UK Home Improvement

No matter what your home needs are, the UK Home Improvement blog features articles centred on helping you improve your home and having it look its best.

The blog has articles and sections on everything to do with property. You might want to be more environmentally friendly, improve your home’s interior and exterior, have a DIY project in mind, or even want to learn about mortgages, finance and insurance; this blog has all the information you could ask for, written in an informative, accessible manner.

This blog is best for:

  • Home improvement advice
  • DIY projects
  • How to live green

 Little House on the Corner

This blog run by Christine and Jan is where they document all of the DIY projects they carry out around their home. They have documented 6 years of restorations to their Edwardian property and their new plans for projects to their new Berlin apartment. All of their blog articles are accompanied by useful photographs, showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples, and giving you a visual guide of how to recreate the projects.

Their home improvement projects serve as fantastic inspiration for homeowners looking for tips on anything from painting and decorating, to simple craft projects.

This blog is best for:

  • Home improvement advice
  • Craft projects
  • Painting and decorating

Telegraph Property

The property news section of the Telegraph gives you up-to-date news from experts in the property industry; they provide in-depth analysis and explanations for any subject, from government initiatives, house price growth, to stylish décor trends. You can find anything you need to know about property and home living in this section.

The site is incredibly user-friendly, with each subject split into clear sections of buying, selling, renting, and the latest news.

This blog is best for:

  • Mortgage advice
  • Government initiatives
  • Décor trends

Evening Standard

The evening standard covers every aspect of property buying and home living, with sections split into property news, area guides, luxury, and home and garden.

If you are a first time buyer or simply looking to move house, you have the option to search for properties on the site, stay up-to-date and informed, and find areas best suited to you.

This blog is best for:

  • Advice for buyers
  • Advice for sellers
  • Area guides


Zoopla are experts in the property industry, and not just for finding you a house. They release the latest information on anything to do with property. You can find hundreds of articles and guides on buying, renting and selling for first time buyers, among other things.

The articles are incredibly useful and easy to read, making Zoopla the perfect destination for your property information needs.

This blog is best for:

  • Up to date property news
  • Guides on buying, selling and renting
  • Property search


Receive up to date news, as well as expert opinions on every aspect of the property industry. If you’re looking for a house, Savills has its own property search function on the website, along with several guides and tips to take advantage of.

This blog is best for:

  • Latest property news
  • Property search
  • Guides and tips for property

HomeOwners Alliance

The HomeOwners Alliance is dedicated to helping the millions of homeowners and prospective buyers around Britain.

The advice on the user-friendly website is practical and unbiased, making it easy to trust.

If you are taking your first steps on the property ladder and are unsure of what to do, read up on the advice and the guides. Along with this, you can use the independent services to find a mortgage, conveyancer, estate agent or surveyor – all of which you will need in the process of buying a house.

This blog is best for:

  • Advice for homeowners and prospective buyers
  • Finding a mortgage, conveyancer, estate agent or surveyor
  • Several guides and tips

Property and home improvement blogs are fantastic resources of information you otherwise might not have access to; they simplify the complex and often confusing property industry, and provide inspiration for fun improvements or projects. Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking to sell or simply renovate, take a look at any of these blogs to get started.

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