Cold Air Bathroom Exhaust Fan

David Teal lives in Woodville, Ohio.

He has a problem that many people have. Let him tell you:

“A few weeks ago you had a article that discussed sealing and insulating a house. You failed to mention holes in the ceiling. I have five holes in my ceiling for vent fans. 

The flaps inside the fans don’t work well at all. When the wind blows the bathrooms are freezing!  Is there something I can do besides taping over the vent holes?”

Here’s my answer to David:

Thanks for reading my syndicated newspaper column. As you might suspect, the newspapers limit the number of words I can put in a column. As such, it becomes impossible to discuss each and every aspect of a problem. I usually have to deal with a thin slice.

The dampers in just about every exhaust fan I’ve seen are virtually worthless. I believe they’re meant to stop animals from getting back into the rooms of homes, not air.

I’d recommend you install a flapper cap that has a double seal.

This is the vent cap that goes on the outside wall of your home to STOP all cold air from getting into your bathroom exhaust fan. CLICK THE IMAGE to order it now.

I used the product below at my own home last year and love how well they seal. I’ve completely stopped all the cold air from coming into my bathroom using this product. CLICK HERE to buy it.


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