How to Pack Books When Moving House

You may not think it, but – depending on volume – books can be one of the heaviest things you will pack when moving house.

Truth is, when packed together, books are often the reason for an accidental mess in the back of the moving van. Without careful packing, you may strain your back when lifting book boxes, and your books might be damaged.

That’s right, poorly packed books may lead to ripped pages, bent spines and dog-eared corners – a nightmare for any bibliophile!

So how can you best pack your books when moving house? This article from the moving experts at will let you know how to protect your books and your back when packing away all those books.

The Materials You’ll Need Before Moving Your Books

When packing books, you will need:

  • Small, strong cardboard boxes
  • Brown packing tape
  • Rags, newspapers, etc.

Look out for a decent number of strong cardboard boxes to handle the weight of the books. You should look for small corrugated cardboard boxes, preferably new. Although you may think you want bigger boxes to pack more stuff, smaller boxes are best as they will start to get heavy very quickly.

When packing books, you shouldn’t be shy with packing tape to support your boxes. Brown packing tape is most durable, although it can be a pain to remove if coming into contact with a book. Masking tape could be a good option if you are worried about this happening.

Finally, you will need something to fill the gaps between your books. Newspaper and rags are usually best for this. This is more to protect your books during transit, but will also stop the weight of the books from shifting while you are carrying the box.

How to Pack Your Books For Your House Move

  • Line your boxes with packing paper – this is a good idea if you are packing hardback books with attractive dust covers.
  • Pack and load larger, heavier books first – This will protect your lighter books from becoming distorted in the back on the van. It will also prevent your boxes from toppling during transit if the heavier ones are loaded in first.
  • Pack books flat – You may be able to fit more books into a box vertically with the spine facing upwards, but this could cause dog-eared corners and bent or ripped pages.
  • Don’t overfill boxes – This is primarily to protect your back when lifting. Heavy boxes can put pressure on your lower back, especially if you are lifting incorrectly.
  • Fill the gaps in the box – This is to keep the books in place, for when you are carrying the boxes, and when they are in transit.
  • Use plenty of tape – Reinforce your boxes with brown packing tape to ensure they don’t fall through when carrying.
  • Label your boxes – Labelling your boxes will make unpacking at your new location a whole lot easier. Take a look at our guide on how to label boxes effectively for more information.

The important thing to remember is that books can be heavy. Do not strain your back when carrying boxes and make sure you pack the books safely and securely.

You may not think packing books sufficiently is particularly important, but any oversight could lead to possible injury or damaged books.

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