Gardens Still Need some Attention, Even in Winter

With winter upon us, it can be easy to think your garden can be left to its own devices until the spring begins to appear. Unfortunately, while there isn’t the same number of jobs you might have had earlier in the year, there are still some you’ll need to keep on top of.

“The chill that winter brings means it isn’t a time that many people want to be outside,” said London Bridge Estate agent, Williams Lynch. “However, if you want your garden to be ready for action come the spring, you’ll need to make good use of any milder days and get out into your garden.”

Here’s how you can look after your garden in winter:

Clear rotting garden debris

This is a job that can feel as though it’s never ending, as it’s been going on for a few months now. But, if you don’t keep up with the clearing of leaves and other little bits that can be blown into your garden by the winter winds, all the hard work you’ve done in the autumn will be wasted.

Once you get into your garden and start clearing it, you’ll probably find you’re enjoying yourself. And, if it’s a nice day, push on for as long as possible to try and limit the amount of work required next time you can get out to keep your garden clear.

A good time to treat poor soil

December and January are also good months to treat any areas of poor soil that you’re planning on turning into a vegetable patch or use to plant flowers. There are a number of things you can add and mix into your soil, but it all depends on the particular problem you have.

“Digging in a soil treatment is a great way to get some exercise during those winter months when you might do a lot more sitting and eating than you do the rest of the year,” said Assetgrove. “It can also be a good way to clear your head with some fresh air after being cooped indoors for a day or two due to wet weather.”

Maintain your greenhouse

If you’ve got a greenhouse and are using it during the winter, you’ll need to check it’s in full working order. Don’t forget about any heaters you have in there either, make sure you check they’re operating properly too.

And, while February and March are considered by many to be the best time for a good annual greenhouse clean, you could start the job with a general tidy up. Or, you could simply start a list of what things will need doing once you’ve over the holiday season so you can get straight into it when you’re ready.

Don’t forget your tools

Your gardening tools are important too and December and January can be the perfect time of year to give them a thorough clean. Once you’ve done that job – perhaps over a few peaceful mornings or afternoon – take a look at recommended storage options. After all, you don’t want all that hard work going to waste by putting them somewhere they could be damaged or affected by the weather.

“A gardener’s tools are very important and should be treated well,” said Wimbledon estate agent, Robert Holmes. “The last thing you want is to open your shed in the spring to the site of dirty or damaged tools, so show them some attention and avoid that scenario.”

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