A Guide to Living in South London

South London is often considered one of the more picturesque areas of London, blending the best of the urban and rural worlds. You can enjoy everything from a peaceful day out in Richmond Park, to a fun night out in Clapham.

This week, Comparemymove.com introduce you to the best parts of South West and South East London, giving you tips on shopping, drinking, eating, transport, entertainment and job prospects.

Getting Around South London

Considering London is one of the busiest capitals in the world, congestion is a problem in every part of the city, and South London is no exception.

Public transport is the recommended choice to get around the area. In South West London, buses have regular routes, but they are also often victims of traffic. The quickest and most efficient way to travel would be using the Underground, with several tube stations served by the District and Piccadilly Lines.

South East London has 10 tube stations running along Northern, Jubilee and East London lines with direct connections to and from Bank, Whitechapel, Stratford and Baker Street.

A more unique method of transport would be using the river bus. There is a Thames Clipper water-bus service on the River Thames and offers commuting services between Eastern and Central London.

The Job Sector

If you’re moving to South London, you will certainly need to make a living. South West London is a diverse area with over 1.3 million workers in approximately 95,000 businesses. The South West area is famous for its shopping and tourist attractions (Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Kensington High Street), so a significant number of employment opportunities are in the retail and tourism sectors which employ over 281,000 and 51,000, respectively.

The public sector accounts for one-fifth of jobs, with employment in public administration, health and education.

In the South East, redevelopment projects boosted the local economy and turned it into a hub for the arts, creative and public services. Attractions such as the Globe Theatre, the Tate, and Royal Observatory created the need for more hotels and restaurants which in turn employ 92,000 people. In Southbank, the media and creative industries are booming, while Greenwich is becoming a centre for leisure, tourism, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and construction services.

Eating, Drinking and Shopping

After a long week at work, South West London caters to all tastes, with a range of pubs and modern bars.

In South East London, recent regeneration projects in the area transformed it into the new place to for a night out. With a number of independent shops and bars, South East London has the unique, creative flair without the high prices, catering to all budgets.

Things to Do

Moving to South London means you will never be bored or left with nothing to do. In South West London, if you want to escape the chaos that city life can bring, simply visit one of the many public or royal parks. Richmond Park is 2,500 acres (almost three times as large as Central Park), so you can easily take a picnic and spend the day wandering around. Others include Clapham Common, Battersea Park and Wimbledon Common.

If you’re new to the area, some other sites to see include:

  • South Kensington Museum
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • Hampton Court Palace

If you haven’t been to South East London, make sure to visit:

  • Imperial War Museum
  • Royal Museums Greenwich
  • Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Tate Modern

If you are thinking of moving to South London, you will have the best of both worlds; the vibrancy of city life, plenty of attractions to visit, job opportunities, shopping and dining, as well as the quieter aspects of rural life with sprawling parks for you to spend your days relaxing in.

When you decide to move, contact Comparemymove.com to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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