A video projector stand that won’t screw up your wall

  A video projector stand that won't screw up your wall

IKEA items used:

  • KALLAX 1×4 shelving unit (could probably work with EXPEDIT too, but they had stopped selling it by the time we made our hack)
  • 6 brackets – I am not sure which ones we used, I think it was the EKBY, but you can probably pick whatever brackets you like the most – as long as there aren’t too many decorations, and are sturdy.
  • screws for the brackets (no longer than 1.5″ – the thickness of the Kallax top shelf)

Why this hack?

We have a video projector and wanted to put it behind our couch. We could have put a shelf on the wall, but a video projector can be heavy so we’d have needed a strong shelf/bracket. We weren’t sure it would stay safely on the wall (and above our heads!). We would rather avoid making holes in the wall, and also wanted to be able to move our furniture around in our apt. Therefore we needed a video projector stand.

We just couldn’t find one with the proper height or without large feet that wouldn’t have fit behind our couch, so we came up with this hack.

How to do it?

You mount the Kallax partially (following IKEA’s manual): you only need the top and the bottom shelf (the thicker ones) of the Kallax, and one side (one on the 2 long boards).

You reinforce the structure with brackets, just to feel safe. You screw 3 brackets to the top shelf, and 3 brackets to the bottom shelf.

A video projector stand - brackets

You’ll end up with a C shaped piece of furniture. What is normally the side of the Kallax is the back of your stand. The lower part of the “C” goes under the couch (not visible on the picture), while the video projector stands on the upper part of the “C”.

A video projector stand that won't screw up your wall

We kept the other boards of the Kallax, but haven’t found any use for them yet.

~ Hacked by Emilie

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