Open Letter to Brent Bellm and Melanie Kalemba at BigCommerce

Dear Brent and Melanie:

This is a Dear John letter.

We’re breaking up. But it’s all your fault.

Yes, you.

After years of me being faithful to you and putting up with your shopping cart for two of my businesses – even though parts of your cart were still in Alpha mode, you decided to raise your prices.

I understand all about raising prices. Inflation and what not can cause all sorts of issues. A three or even five-percent cost increase can sometimes be expected.

Companies have to raise prices even more when the cost-of-goods-sold goes up dramatically. But all you have for raw costs are electrons, and the last time I checked they’re free.

For you to raise prices 200 – 500 percent on me is simply unacceptable.

I’m currently looking to replace you and when I do, I’m going to do my best to tell the world – and the 100,000 people on my newsletter list – all about the new shopping cart I picked to replace you.

Remember, it was your fault, not mine.

Tim Carter

CEO and



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