Glue Pennies to Roof

Did you hear a myth or two here on the Internet that gluing pennies to the top of your roof will stop the black roof algae?

I’ve got bad news for you.

It doesn’t work.

I do know what works, and works well.

Keep reading.

I want you to go now to these few pages here at my website and see how to STOP forever that ugly black algae staining.

CLICK HERE and watch this video to understand the magic of copper first and pay attention to how much copper.

After watching that video, I want you to read this column. I tell you in the column WHY using pennies doesn’t work and exactly how much copper to use.

To clean your roof, you should use my Stain Solver oxygen bleach. It’s Certified organic and will not hurt you, your roof, or the plants below.

WATCH this video to see how to use it.


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