Bosch HD18-2 Hammer Drill Review

How many drills do you think I’ve owned?

How many do you think I’ve tested?

More than you can ever imagine to both questions.

Is there a perfect drill?


Different jobs require different drills. You have to consider exactly how you’re going to use a tool nowadays because years ago you had just a few choices in drills.

With the explosion of cordless drills, you may feel cordless is the way to go.

Well, just realize that the management teams of power tool companies that are thrusting cordless power tools into the marketplace may be taking a page out of the Gillette and Schick razor play books.

You know how you have to keep buying replacement blades to shave? Well…….

Wink, wink…. 😉

But I digress.

I mention the above only because the Bosch HD18-2 is like a drill from the past.

It’s got a 120-volt power cord!

You get unlimited power from this to work all day non-stop.

It’s got two speeds.

You can operate it in the hammer mode to drill masonry and stone, or you can put it into the non-hammer mode to bore clean holes through metal, wood, or plastic.

This bad boy weighs 5.8 pounds and pulls 8.5 amps.

With it’s 1/2-inch chuck, it takes all the bits you’ll ever need for this small handy drill.

It’s perfect for a homeowner or a contractor.

As long as your local utility is cranking out power, you’re able to work.

BUY this bad boy right here.



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