Moppe goes Chanel

IKEA Moppe Chanel makeover

IKEA Moppe’s not a beautiful piece of furniture but a very good storage gadget. I found one in the garbage room and gave it a haute makeover.

I killed my old leather coat for its skin and used a Chanel handbag as a template.

Chanel handbag as template

I used an old towel as the filling for the “Chanel” quilt.

I cut a piece of cardboard into the size of the front panel of the Moppe and drew the Chanel grid on it as a template.

Then I sewed a piece of leather and the towel together along the grid lines.  Repeat for all 3 panels.

Getting the Chanel grid lines

Chanel strips for IKEA MOPPE front panel

As the inside of the Chanel handbag is red, I painted the insides of the MOPPE red and the exterior black. I needed 3 coats for complete coverage. Let dry.

I measured and inserted eyelets in the right places.


For the Chanel logo I used Cernit clay. Shaped and sprayed gold.

Home made Chanel logo

I stuck the leather panels on the MOPPE using a glue gun.

Lastly I added a flat chain into the eyelets.

And the Chanel MOPPE is complete!

IKEA Moppe Chanel makeover

IKEA Moppe chanel makeover

See complete tutorial here.

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