Bosch JS120 12V Barrel Handle Jigsaw Review

How many jigsaws do you think I’ve used over the years?

Three, five, seven or more?

I’ve lost count.

One thing I can attest to is the radical change in the design of these tools.

Oh, and the features too!

Let’s go back in time. My first jigsaw had an on and off switch. You needed an allen wrench to change the blades. It vibrated so much I thought it would jump from my hand.

Fast Forward to 2015

Take a look at this sleek barrel handle Bosch JS120. If you order it, be sure you get the battery and charger. It normally does not come with one.


First of all did you notice there’s no power cord? It’s a 12-volt cordless tool.


It’s got six speeds that range from 1500 to 2800 strokes per minute. That gives you lots of options and control with what your cutting be it plastic, metal, wood or ????

You’ll love how the blade just slides in an automagically locks into place. No need for a wrench!


It’s got a dandy LED light to help you see the cut line.


You’ll love the three settings that control how aggressive the cut is.


How about the battery life indicators? That’s helpful!


You can rotate the saw to cut from 0 – 45 degrees either direction.


I loved how it felt in my hand. There was minimal vibration.

I give this bad boy five hammers out of five! hammer-5-5

CLICK HERE to BUY this dandy jig saw.


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