Sweet Stolmen Seating

Stolmen bench built-in

IKEA items used:

  • Stolmen Drawers — 2 wide, 2 narrow;
  • Varde Wood panel

After removing the baseboard trim from the wall, we measured the trim height, and ripped 2x4s so that the combined height of the 2x4s and the Stolmen frame matched the height of the baseboard trim.

We built 3 rectangular boxes with the 2×4 to raise the drawers to the correct height, and used scrap wood, screwed to the top of the 2×4 boxes to brace the cabinets away from the wall, but flush with the front of the boxes and with the front of the Varde wood panel.

We set the cabinets in place, attached the trim to the front, and used screws to attach the wood panel to the top.

TADAA! A customized, built in window seat for less than $500!

Stolmen bench built-in

IKEA Stolmen Bench Window Seat Built-in

~ Gretchen Howard

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