October 25, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

As this is being sent to you, I’ll be working, perhaps, my last day of the season on the scenic train.

The first order of the day is to do some switching of cars to build the consist, that’s the fancy name given to a string of cars on a train, for the day.

Then we have busloads of tourists coming to see the grand fall color and eat real turkey dinners on the train.

I hope you have a restful day!

Need Your Help

Sometimes I ask you for help. Today is one of those days.

You may be one of my subscribers that LOVES to hunt for things on the Internet.

My youngest daughter Kelly has asked for me to build her a special present for Christmas.

She works at a coffee shop and is about to become a certified Barista. She plans to open her own coffee shop.

Look at the following photo.

What you’re looking at is a glorified drip coffee maker.

Kelly saw it in a catalog and it’s insanely expensive.

I’m NOT looking to buy it from the catalog, so please don’t send me links to the completed item.

The brass parts you see in the photo are what chemists used in labs years ago. Click here to see an example on Etsy.

Here’s what I need:

I be so grateful if you help me find the following parts:

  • the brass foot stand base
  • the threaded brass center rod and cap
  • the two adjustable brass fittings on the rod
  • the two brass round rings that are holding the glass funnels

Here’s what I don’t need:

  • Please don’t tell me to go to Home Depot
  • Please don’t tell me to go to Lowe’s
  • Please don’t tell me to go to a hardware store

What I’m really looking for is an email from you that has one or more links to the exact parts, not some website home page.

Are you up to the task?

CLICK HERE for a link to a page on reddit.com from a person who wanted to do what I plan to do. It’s got some LEADS for you to explore.

THANKS if you can help!

Phone Consult Sale ENDS in Hours

Did you know that you and I can talk on the phone to solve a problem at your home?

Did you know you can give one of these consults as a GIFT?

You can save $30 off the regular price.

You don’t have to use it now. You can buy at the SALE PRICE and wait until you need my help.

CLICK HERE to order one.

The sale ENDS at midnight ET Sunday, October 25, 2015.

A Few New Q & A’s for You

Water Puddles on Concrete

Restore a Concrete Laundry Sink

That’s enough for now.

Thanks if you decided to help find the coffee stand parts for me!

Tim Carter

Founder – http://www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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