October 23, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter Update

About an hour ago, I sent out a long overdue newsletter.

In it I mentioned that my 15-Minute Phone consult is on sale.

My CTO, Roger, emailed me saying, “Tim, I’ve got an idea. Perhaps you should mention to people they can purchase the consult NOW but not use it right away. They may not have a problem now, but will need your help in the future.”

Great idea, Roger!

You can buy a consult now and use it LATER.

My 15-Minute Consult – over the phone – is on SALE now with a huge savings.


Use it LATER!

If you decide to do this, just make a comment on the checkout page of the shopping cart.

Tell Roger you want to save the consult for the future in honor of Marty McFly.

Roger assures me he’ll keep track of who bought it and wants to use it later.

Have a great weekend.

Tim Carter – Founder


Do It Right, Not Over!


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