1-minute cat bed: IKEA LEN fitted sheet + VYSSA SLUMMER mattress

Ikea hack. 1-minute cat bed

This is 1-minute cat bed, made from Ikea’s Len fitted sheet + Ikea’s Vyssa Slummer mattress.

I had completely no use for the Vyssa Slummer mattress, since my children are now too big for the bed it fitted. I never knew what to do with it. I considered making chair pillow out of it, or garden chair mattress. Yet, those things always seemed too time consuming :-) Then, the kittens arrived .. After 3 weeks under the sofa they were ready to move to a new home. Spending tens of dollars for a cat bed was just too much for me, and being a person who does not like to spend too much time on things that do not excite her, I decided to make the bed the easiest and fastest way possible.

The picture instructions are pretty straightwforward. If you want the cat bed to last forever, you may consider sewing it on the side or installing some clips, but mine held very well (maybe because it was already rolled for some time in the basement).”

1-minute cat bed

Originally posted on Photo42.ca.

~ Patrycja Budzynska

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