Flickering LED Bulb

Mary Christy is trying to save energy in her Seminole, FL home.

But in doing so, she’s created a problem with flickering LED bulbs.

Here’s the timeline of events at Mary’s house:

“Hi, I have had recessed lights in my kitchen for about ten years since house was built.

I have replaced the bulbs with LED’s.

Several of the lights are immediately flickering as soon as installed.

Do I need to upgrade to the newer recessed (6″) fixtures for the LED bulbs?  Thank you!”

Here’s my answer.

Mary, many LED bulbs don’t work with modern dimmer switches.

My guess is you have dimmer switches. If so, turn the switch to the highest light output and the flickering should disappear.

If you want to be able to dim the LED bulbs, you need to find ones that play well with dimmer switches.


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